HAPPY HANDS DAYCARE. Member reactions:
Laugh ou loud Gummy, is that a good "yikes" or a bad "yikes" . Lol

Funny The strongman will give the girl a hand

The strongman will give the girl a hand

Funny The hand of PLOD

The hand of PLOD
Diego Maradona needs a little more help these days.
Member reactions:
Got it in one...for those who can remember

Funny Lady Slow Hands

Lady Slow Hands


Member reactions:
Nicely done... the concept of showing in through Xrays is awesome

Funny Hands Free

Hands Free
I entered Self Driving Cars some time back but didn't have the time to do the one I would like to have done. WITH SOURCE SIDE BY SIDE:
Member reactions:
Nicely done, D-dog . . . I'm sure it would have placed high in the previous contest as well. Congrats on the Bronze.
Congrats on the bronze dd.Polished and clean,great chop

Funny Learning Trump's style shaking hands

Learning Trump's style shaking hands

Funny The wandering hand

The wandering hand
La main d'Eder qui enrage la France
Member reactions:
Gonna use it as a new contest idea.

Funny `Brokeback Mountain 2`- Do you feel my left strong hand?

`Brokeback Mountain 2`- Do you feel my left strong hand?
In 2016, Russian street punk and American billionaire met. The two men try to keep their affair over the next 4–8 years. Putin alredy feels strong Donald’s left hand.

Funny Blood On Your Hands

Blood On Your Hands

Funny Hand Model

Hand Model
This Friday we continue our freaking experiment with provided source images. A hand model is a person whose hands are shot in advertisements, with close ups of the product being handled. Most people's hands have skin imperfections such as blemishes and moles that will stand out in close ups. This is where a hand model comes in showing off their flawless skin and long fingers handling the product. Often when a company hires some celebrity to promote their product, and the close ups of the hands are to be used, they will also hire a hand model for those closeups, even though we are led to believe that's the celebrity hands we're seeing. Ironically, many celebrities have imperfect hands (like those clubbed thumbs of Megan Fox or even missing fingers of Denzel Washington). Likewise, many hand models have creepy faces. Did you know there are leg models too? That's the story for some other time... Photoshop this photo of a wannabe hand model any way you wish.

Funny One Tiny Hand, One Huge Hand

One Tiny Hand, One Huge Hand
There's an interesting site called "One Tiny Hand" that featured photos of celebrities with one hand subtly photoshopped into an itsy bitsy hand. Let's make things more interesting - take any celebrity and change one of his/her hands into a tiny hand, and change the other hand into a huge hand.

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