Lindsay Lohan on Letterman in Handcuffs
Lindsay Lohan on Letterman in Handcuffs
Lindsay Lohan on Letterman in Handcuffs. BEST VIEW Lohan Letterman: Lindsay to Appear on 'Late Show' on April 6 Following Plea Deal stocks (I added all the freckles to her arm and legs as well)
Member reactions:
Interview with Handcuffed can't imagine what would happen next after the late night interview
Thats shocking news and the rocking caricature with her eyeroll and hand clubbed
Double Woody congrats, Billy Mac. Love the faces, handcuffs, monitoring device and other stuff.
Congrats on the Double Tap Qtrmoonshop, great detail.
I was once erroneously handcuffed by the authorities…too long a story for here…but if memory serves, there sure weren't twelve links in MY matching bracelets. But then again, Lohan has always been given way too long a leash by the law. Great chop, Qtrmoonshop.
Many Thanks to all … I appreciate the kind words. AntonZ: yeah, Lol … I took a little artistic license there, … they're more like shackles I guess … what you said works for me too
"Go to Jail" monopoly card cracked me up here. Congrats on the wood too, Bill.
Thank you kindly, silvercanine.

Funny Defiant Handcuffed Lindsay Lohan

Defiant Handcuffed Lindsay Lohan
I hope i didn't overstep the boundaries,if so please delete
Member reactions:
This caricature is really great,i love itI dont know about the middle finger,though,it might get deleted.
andwhat i thought that also,but she had the fu on her fingernail so i took a chance since it fit the truth and ty silver
i am glad it didnt get deleted is funny as hell,and awesomely done
NO smoking in Jail unless yer' Lindsay Lohan-eh. Funny in a scary sort of way.
Before I checked her finger-nail in full view I thought it said FN Sweet chop. The finger is borderline though, but since it's sort of pointing down we'll assume this is how she counts her blessings
it's was amazing preeiememem , alot off great entries were in this contest too , keep going
she's one tough looking broad pree, good work

Funny Children with Wedding Ring Handcuffs

Children with Wedding Ring Handcuffs
Member reactions:
Hah, yeah sort of cynical, ain't it. But could be worse. Could have the other ring so tight the kids head pops off hahahah I like it a lot.

Funny Man Taking his Handcuffed Wife to the Edge of a Cliff

Man Taking his Handcuffed Wife to the Edge of a Cliff
Member reactions:
Love this, but, would of been perfect with an interest shadow and maybe change the colour of one of the jumpers so the arm source doesnt look so twinned

Funny Wesley Snipes In Handcuffs

Wesley Snipes In Handcuffs
Somehow I can't see Wesley having a hard time in the bucket. (He's still friggin' rich. ) The source pic is Mike Tyson.
Member reactions:
One of the best in the contest. Quality photo-realistic work here

Funny Handcuffed Wesley Snipes

Handcuffed Wesley Snipes

Funny Snoop Dog in Handcuffs

Snoop Dog in Handcuffs
Since a long time that snoop and the Law are friends
Member reactions:
this one is great . respect . Had a big laugh about it
The handcuffs don't seem to fit in. And also what are they doing there. Light sources are from many different directions.
love the perspective on the face. Really a perfect match in there. Would love to see the source of his face and how you managed to pull this off. Very nice job.

Funny Paris Hilton Handcuffed in an Vodka Bottle

Paris Hilton Handcuffed in an Vodka Bottle
Member reactions:
Great job getting Paris into the bottle. Too bad I will never drink Vodka again.

Funny Paris Hilton Arrested and Handcuffed

Paris Hilton Arrested and Handcuffed
Okay now, just keep your eyes closed and get ready for your surprise.
Member reactions:
Clean job. I think you sneaked in police station and took a real photo of Paris Hilton
Nice Paris chop. Love the creator's comments. ..
good job...nice source. love to see your source pic.

Funny Drunk Paris Hilton with Handcuffs

Drunk Paris Hilton with Handcuffs
Yeah, she only had one drink before she went to the In-N-Out. Right. source pics Please view full.

Funny Paris Hilton in Handcuffs

Paris Hilton in Handcuffs
[ Thursday morning Paris Hilton was handcuffed by the police and charged with DUI. Hours after she was released, Paris Hilton called Ryan Seacrest's morning show on LA's KIIS-FM to issue a statement that she was not charged with DUI and the whole case was "nothing", which contradicts statements from Los Angeles Police Department. ] You know, cops may be the most bothersome bastards on earth, but sometimes they do their job right. And if they put handcuffs on you they have good damn reasons to do it. So Paris Hilton was stopped and handcuffed because either she was driving under influence (which she denies), or because she looked like a hooker working the late shift. When she was handcuffed, she screamed "How dare you! I'm Paris F***ing Hilton, and I stay celibate for a year!" After which, the cops slapped her ass, gave her twenty, and let her go. End of story. In this contest you are asked to photoshop Paris Hilton handcuffed in whatever environment you choose (as long as it's Safe For Work). Paris can be shown e.g. in jail or in "normal" life, wearing casual, formal, or jail clothes, but she has to be shown in handcuffs.

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