Jackie Chan in Hancock
Jackie Chan in Hancock
Jackie Chan in Hancock. Member reactions:
I guess this Chancock do not stink like Hen

Funny Hancock With McDonalds Fries

Hancock With McDonalds Fries
Member reactions:
Nice work on the fries in his mouth and I love how you did the reflections in his sunglasses.

Funny Hong Kong Hancock

Hong Kong Hancock
Member reactions:
Good one. Special glasses for censorship.

Funny Vladimir Putin and Hancock

Vladimir Putin and Hancock

Funny Santa in Hancock

Santa in Hancock

Funny Jamie Lee Curtis in Hancock

Jamie Lee Curtis in Hancock
I think she'd make an excellent sudo-hero.
Member reactions:
Excellent. I only wish the face source was of higher resolution

Funny Hancock the Pilot

Hancock the Pilot
Member reactions:
The beanie beneath needs removing to the right of pic, also some stray text up there too.

Funny Hancock Soldier

Hancock Soldier
Please compare with original poster. I worked quite a while getting his face to look like he was seeing an atomic bomb.
Member reactions:
Did well on the atomic reflections, very realistic. Not that it detracts from what is a fantastic chop, but down the bottom of pic to the right there's some what may be clone residue....
Looks like a real movie poster - professionally done.

Funny Hancock's Gorilla

Hancock's Gorilla

Funny Hancock Glasses

Hancock Glasses

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