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Funny Hamburger Pictures

Member reactions:

Well done & i like the whole concept of your idea here . One thing i would do thou is to mask the hands on the FN source & do alittle blur around the whole body to soften it up. I like the way you think , ....
How would I soften the whole body. Thanks for the advice
If you use photoshop , just use the blur tool & go around the edges of your source that you cut out ...
I agree, great concept. I think to make it a bit sweeter,instead of using the girl use The Burger King "King".....that would be funny. But this is perfect the way it is...Bravo, hidden.
Excellent turn of the source pic... great turn of the broom into a hand drag lovely turn of images ... good work
I learn abt blur tool now.. earlier I was using eraser with opacity to make images blur thanks guys Well about the entry : "AWESOME" concept
This one's an eye catcher....I thought it might've done better in the voting department
Thanks all for the great comments Chili again thanks for the masking info, I was unable to complete it in time and resumbit.Funkwood thanks I was hoping for a better pacement, but I am thankful for 5th...better than last

Still Life Fruit & Hamburger by ManetFunny Still Life Fruit & Hamburger by Manet
Member reactions:

Well put together. The burger could do with being a little lumpier, it looks a little bit like thick sauce.
Yes the Burger looks big bigger, anyway great thought of making this chop all the best

Tomatoes Hamburgers Wanted SignFunny Tomatoes Hamburgers Wanted Sign
Member reactions:
Salmonella outbreak causes tomato recall
Funky poster work, and certainly very timely.

hamburgerFunny hamburger
Member reactions:

Looks like chicken or pork to me. Good bun

hamburgerFunny hamburger
Member reactions:

Fonda Burger & Fries... Very expensive but totally tasteless.
This one actually motivated my dining decision.
Only two fries. What a jip. Great idea though. Did you use the pillow emboss.
laughing my arse off Finn

HamburgersFunny Hamburgers
Member reactions:

For the British...

HamburgerFunny Hamburger
Member reactions:

Where's The Beef....

HamburgerFunny Hamburger
Member reactions:

Enjoy My Friend
, Very funny. Great use of his pic.
Hyggy threw some whoop ass on this Seriously bad looking whopper..making him the BURGER KING.

Cows hamburgersFunny Cows hamburgers
Member reactions:

Over 99 billion sold, so how many cows...

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