Hamburger Hill
Hamburger Hill
Hamburger Hill. Member reactions:
Stunning... That looks just like the lowlands beneath us. Check out this artist Carl Rohrig You might like him.
Thank you friend Hitspinner I feel honored, the artist is wonderful.

Funny The Last McDonalds Hamburger in Russia

The Last McDonalds Hamburger in Russia
Member reactions:
Excellent work. Who's pointing the gun at him. You did something to his eyes that it's harder to recognize him.
Congrats on the Bronze, Wanderer. Fantastic

Funny Fat Captain America Eating a Hamburger

Fat Captain America Eating a Hamburger
Member reactions:
Winner, winner, hamburger dinner. Throw some American cheese on that boiger Great chop Captain Excellent.
Poor Captain ... Burgers were betters in 40's
Gggggold CONGRATULATIONS, Jeremix. It is one of the pest art in Freaking News.
Congrats. Easily the gold - nice touch with the condiment smear...
To say this is a genius chop is to say nothing. Many things American in this one pack of a chop.
thank you very much. i'm glad you all liked it. AJSubrosa, the smear came with the face, so i can't really take credit for that.

Funny Still Life Fruit & Hamburger by Manet

Still Life Fruit & Hamburger by Manet
Member reactions:
Well put together. The burger could do with being a little lumpier, it looks a little bit like thick sauce.
Yes the Burger looks big bigger, anyway great thought of making this chop all the best
M so hungry

Funny Tomatoes Hamburgers Wanted Sign

Tomatoes Hamburgers Wanted Sign
Salmonella outbreak causes tomato recall
Member reactions:
Funky poster work, and certainly very timely.

Funny Mushroom Hamburger

Mushroom Hamburger
Member reactions:
Looks like chicken or pork to me. Good bun

Funny Twinkie HamBurger

Twinkie HamBurger
Cheeseburger Couplings
Member reactions:
Mmmmm. Twinkie Burger looks delicious. Good job.
Twinkies. Wonder if this will be on menus everywhere soon (very nice work.)
Kids like this burger for sure

Funny hamburger

Fonda Burger & Fries... Very expensive but totally tasteless.
Member reactions:
This one actually motivated my dining decision.
Only two fries. What a jip. Great idea though. Did you use the pillow emboss.
laughing my arse off Finn

Funny Hamburgers

For the British...
Member reactions:
I likey

Funny Chinese Frog Hamburgers

Chinese Frog Hamburgers

Funny World's First Lab Grown Hamburger

World's First Lab Grown Hamburger
First lab-grown hamburger gets full marks for 'mouth feel'. All it took was a little butter and sunflower oil and, in less than 10 minutes, the world's most expensive burger, grown from muscle stem cells in a lab, was ready to eat. "I was expecting the texture to be more soft," said Hanni Rützler of the Future Food Studio, who researches food trends and was the first to get a taste of the synthetic beef hamburger at a lavish event in London last week that bore more resemblance to a TV set than a scientific press conference. We have all seen movies where the lab experiments went terribly wrong, creating monsters and defects. So, certainly there were mistakes along the way as this new Lab Burger was being developed. Create images showing us the HAMBURGERS that went terribly wrong that were thrown away by the lab. For more on this story Visit This Link

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