Member reactions:
Fantastic turn of the events.... great look given to here as a cruel witch like the Halloween title

Funny Halloween Gump

Halloween Gump
Member reactions:
Like the work with blood and the spearing of heads good title indeed
My mom always told me "I should have quit while I was aHead"


Member reactions:
Like the Halloween characters all around Obama looks too funnier

Funny The little Evil Mermaid -halloween

The little Evil Mermaid -halloween
Member reactions:

Funny The Grinch Who Made Halloween

The Grinch Who Made Halloween

Funny Scarlett Johansson's Escape From the Halloween Castle

Scarlett Johansson's Escape From the Halloween Castle
Member reactions:
That IS a face in the light or just pareidolia on my end. GREAT chop.
Boy, I just noticed the face in the light too. Creepy.
Perfect positioning from the source.... great look given just seems to escape was successful after long struggle with the zombies inside like the background and the sign post
Good job and It's look like horror image with black moon
looks great but street sign should have same shadows as for the girl
Silver congrats, PJ. Nice to see you again.
Congratulations on winning the Silver Cup, P Jock. Great Piece of Work.
Congrats on the win, like the face in the light.
Silver congrats, Jockey.

Funny Barack Obama's Halloween Costume

Barack Obama's Halloween Costume
Annual Whitehouse Party Obamas Plan Halloween Party
Member reactions:
Wander how much we will be paying for this. He really likes to spend the tax payers money and all we get is SH...
Obama looks full funny.... with multiple eyes and the man-meaty goodness roach creeping over his body is really hilarious He look scary and funny Halloween
Congratulations. Now, I feel like he looks.
, am I surprised. Judging by the early voters, this was way down the list and I wrote it off. Imagine my surprise to come home from a day of Honey Buy This and see it top chop. Thanks Doc, Newsey,Champ, Rajesh, Nanny, Hobbit and DMan. Hobbit, I have no idea what to expect next. I have never in my entire life felt so disconnected from my elected representatives

Funny Wooden Halloween

Wooden Halloween

Funny Dennis the Menace/Halloween Edition

Dennis the Menace/Halloween Edition
Member reactions:
The Halloween edition is really freaky by seeing the cute kid turn into a zombie well done with his eyes and blood makeover and his Catapult with skulls attached is awesome
Nice clean chopping very nice, the boy looks stunning

Funny Halloween in Elm Street

Halloween in Elm Street
Member reactions:
Excellent poster design... Excellent placement of Pumpkin over the face good job done

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