Witches Taking Off at the Halloween Airport
Witches Taking Off at the Halloween Airport
Witches Taking Off at the Halloween Airport.

Funny Witches and Airplane Share the Sky at Halloween

Witches and Airplane Share the Sky at Halloween
Member reactions:
Seriously well done, but I would not make the witches transparent

Funny Halloween Highway Traffic Signs

Halloween Highway Traffic Signs
Member reactions:
Too many different fonts...it's confusing

Funny Spiderman at Halloween

Spiderman at Halloween
Images Model Photographer: Marcus Ranum
Member reactions:
Thanks, Crafty. Welcome back. Thanks, Gummy. Yes it tis.
Thanks very much, Joan. I just slapped some stuff together trying to keep things a but surreal this time. Glad you like it.
Wish I could "Slap Stuff" that good. Grats bro.
Grats on the win. That dramatic studio lighting is trumping my vibrant approach every time. I guess I'm just stuck in the 60s Very nice comp
Thank you very much, Bob, Gummy, Hits, and Debbie. Lol... Gummy I've seen you slap some pretty good stuff. Thanks Hits ... From what I see, I'd say the 60's are working pretty well for you. Thanks for all the great comments and votes everyone. You make this fun.
Gold Congrats, SplatShot . Great Mystery picture
Congrats on the gold, very nice Halloween Pic.
Congrats on the gold, you're ready for Halloween.
Thanks Andrew, Hobbit, and Evirio. Yeah...Halloween is the Choppers peak Season.
Congrats on the gold, Splat. Thanks for the eye candy.
Thank you Newsy. Thanks for the site, contest and the Faves.
SplatShot Mucho welcome

Funny Putin And Obama Go Trick or Treating at Halloween

Putin And Obama Go Trick or Treating at Halloween

Funny American Gothic Halloween

American Gothic Halloween
Member reactions:
Please remove one. Thanks
Wait,,,, I really like this one don't delete it.
It when in twice.
I know but this one was so much better than that other one.
Another gothic version. Infinite story. .

Funny The Creation of Halloween

The Creation of Halloween
Member reactions:
This seriously rocks. One of the best transformations of this source I've ever seen.
. I've heard of the fig leaf, but the fig PUMPKIN.

Funny Halloween Pumpkin Caliphate

Halloween Pumpkin Caliphate
Member reactions:
Give us back pumpkin seeds and no one gets hurt.

Funny Vladimir Putin's Halloween in Ukraine

Vladimir Putin's Halloween in Ukraine
No soldier's helmet and mask were available in the Military store at that time
Member reactions:
Top secret.. I can see so faces, good idea here
Decent work, but a bit overcrowded perhaps

Funny Charlie Sheen on Halloween

Charlie Sheen on Halloween
Member reactions:
Great work on the face... looks scary and funny as well
Yikes, It looks like Lorena Bobbit came home

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