Vladimir Putin's Halloween in Ukraine
Vladimir Putin's Halloween in Ukraine
Vladimir Putin's Halloween in Ukraine. No soldier's helmet and mask were available in the Military store at that time
Member reactions:
Top secret.. I can see so faces, good idea here
Decent work, but a bit overcrowded perhaps

Funny Charlie Sheen on Halloween

Charlie Sheen on Halloween
Member reactions:
Great work on the face... looks scary and funny as well
Yikes, It looks like Lorena Bobbit came home

Funny Obama on Halloween 2014

Obama on Halloween 2014
Member reactions:
Excellent... Ebola is definately going to work as a scary item this Halloween good one
Cool beans Dressing up as Ebola patients seems to be the trend this Halloween

Funny Halloween at the White House

Halloween at the White House

Funny Amy Adams and Kathy Bates at Halloween

Amy Adams and Kathy Bates at Halloween
Strange Kid to very please see large
Member reactions:
Quality work. The shadows on Katy Bates' dress are much lighter than in the rest of the image, makes a bit difference even with the head shadows. If you increase the brightness of your monitor you will see the difference.
Hmmmm, I can't see it Vlad. I adjusted the monitor and it looks within range. I see a very , very slight difference in contrast so maybe on your screen that is exacerbated.. I have had a couple of video card crashes lately so I trust you more than this thing at the moment. Thanks man. And thanks to Andwhat, Elegary, Doc, Luciano.... This one reminds me of Keep It Real's style. Anyone else see that.
My goodness this is FANTASTIC, congrats on the win.

Funny John Kerry Dressed for Halloween

John Kerry Dressed for Halloween

Funny Spooky Witch at Halloween

Spooky Witch at Halloween
Inspired by the song - and the season. Enjoy. http://www.youtube.com/watch.v=xDprYZ-tgiA
Member reactions:
Dreamy. The Girl looks like Christina Applegate...
like the theme the darkest hour she calls us
Very well done Splat is right about the resemblance to Christina A I wish we could see your sources Here's the link you've attached

Funny Halloween Pumpkin UFO

Halloween Pumpkin UFO
Member reactions:
Okay, I am calm but I think I should be running Nice job.

Funny Puss In Boots at Halloween

Puss In Boots at Halloween
Member reactions:
sandbox's right arm needs some rework, otherwise good chop.
Some shadows from the paws would help. Great job otherwise

Funny The Joker at Halloween

The Joker at Halloween
Member reactions:
I think head/pumpkin colours should match jocker body.
My favorite line these days. I like the art.

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