DIRTY HAIRY. Member reactions:
One of my favorites in the contest. Love how you did the paw holding the gun and the angry expression on the cat face

Funny Stana Katic showing her hairy legs

Stana Katic showing her hairy legs
Leg hair on women: a new trend coming from the web
Member reactions:
OMG,women can save the money but it is not possible...
Something men don't see at the very first glance.

Funny Hairy Eve Torres

Hairy Eve Torres
Member reactions:
The hairy arms is what really sells this image for me.
sezzzy. Must be all that MMA.
You are unbeatable in the contest. Congratulations, Mr. Bertulano.
Congtrats on the four-fecta, berdu. You were unstoppable in this contest indeed.
Congratulations, "the winner takes it all".

Funny Hairy Petra Nemcova

Hairy Petra Nemcova
Member reactions:
Yeah hard to recognize, she looks a bit like Pippa Middleton behind that beard, but still a great job.
THX and to luciano:I forgot mask or delete beard to seejewels....hmmm sorry

Funny Hairy Jessica Brown Findlay

Hairy Jessica Brown Findlay

Funny Stana Katic with a Hairy Chest

Stana Katic with a Hairy Chest
Kate Beckett on Castle (ABC show)

Funny Hairy Kate Upton

Hairy Kate Upton
Member reactions:
Other things deviated me, than I saw she was bearded.

Funny Hairy Baby

Hairy Baby
Member reactions:
One hairy little girl, very cute and NewsMaster is right, has to be a Kardashain. Congrats on the win.
Congrats, man. I wonder how she will look as an adult.
....maybe she is a daughter of HirSandra...

Funny Hairy Jessica Casebolt

Hairy Jessica Casebolt
Member reactions:
Where's her smile. Image the razor-burn after TT finishes mowing. Yikes.
Razor burn. Only if the goat's teeth get dull.
TT mowing.

Funny Demi Lovato with Hairy Legs

Demi Lovato with Hairy Legs

Funny Hairy Kids

Hairy Kids
Ever see a little boy with a full grown beard? The Boy Scouts "Be One With the Wild" campaign shows fresh faced scouts with scruffy facial hair. The ads, which were created by the Atlanta office of the global ad firm Ogilvy & Mather, are attempting to attract more kids to the Boy Scouts with humor creepiness. Or maybe the ads are just encouraging kids to grow beards and mustaches. Photoshop children or babies (of either gender) with beards and/or mustaches.

Funny Hairy Celebrities

Hairy Celebrities
Photoshop hairy celebrities - that is take your favorite celebrity and add lot of hair to the person. Try to make them look attractive when possible.

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