Hairless Queen
Hairless Queen
Hairless Queen. Member reactions:
Yeah they do and a catfish lunch is a great touch.
Congrats, Hobbit. It was my favorite in the contest.
Congrats on the Wood, Hobbit. Good Chopp'n
I too like the fish. If this was a theme contest your kitty would be hard to beat.

Funny Two Headed Hairless Cat

Two Headed Hairless Cat
Are two heads really better than one.
Member reactions:
Woah. Looks like the cat is crawling out of the other cat.

Funny Small Russian hairless bear

Small Russian hairless bear
Member reactions:
it's unfortunate that the original image is so small .

Funny Hairless Mona Lisa

Hairless Mona Lisa

Funny Hairless Cat Prince

Hairless Cat Prince
This hairless cat, to me, looks Regal and at the same time, not.
Member reactions:
Thanks everyone for your comments. I appreciate them.

Funny Ugly Hairless Cat

Ugly Hairless Cat
Is a dog or a cat. I dont know
Member reactions:
Ya'd really hafta be a dog lover to lv this...kudos.
Three lashes for this artistic Puppy-abuse entry and a Celebratory toast to your successful Win.

Funny Hairless


Funny Hairless Che Guevara

Hairless Che Guevara
Che Guevara hair sold at auction What would he have looked like if it was sold before his death.
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Timely news article and photoshop work here.

For more funny photoshop pix visit Freaking News front page.