Shave And A Haircut
Shave And A Haircut
Shave And A Haircut.

Funny One Diaz Two Haircuts

One Diaz Two Haircuts

Funny Give Me The Megyn Kelly Haircut

Give Me The Megyn Kelly Haircut
The New Megyn Kelly Haircut She had hair coming out of her,, head, Coming out of her, Arm pits,,, Coming out of her,,,, Where Ever.
Member reactions:
Hair looks better on Him Great Job and Congrats on the Theme Post Honor, Gummy.
This is really quite a brilliant idea and execution. Amazing.

Funny Cat Getting a Modern Haircut

Cat Getting a Modern Haircut
Member reactions:
the cat's short haircut. It doesn't see too happy about it
This chop just flipped off the end of my weird-O-meter. that cat's head; total crack up

Funny Monkey HairCut

Monkey HairCut
Member reactions:
Beautificent. Love how the barber monkey is using a box to do his job
apperently there was a next level and you rule the board from there.
Fabulously Funkadelic.
Fantastic attention to detail in execution and composition. I love the hand on the shoulder, and that the barber is chatting up the customer I don't see any hair trimmings on the monkey or the floor so I imagine the barber is telling him to remove his glasses before he starts cutting Once again, love all the funky wood elements P.S. the face on the razor head is an added plus
Love it too, the mix matched shoes are a great touch..
Excellent work.... great finish and nice chop showing the Monkeys as the modern barbers good one
It's always easy to recognise a masterpiece. TOP.
Congrats on the win, love those monkeys.
Congrats on the gold, Funk. I see you've been monkeying around again
Fabulous piece if choppage.. Congrats. It is a technical masterpiece.

Funny Kim Jong Un's Haircut

Kim Jong Un's Haircut
North Korean male students must get Kim Jong Un's haircut
Member reactions:
Me likey - Very nice work. I would suggest the title word "Dictate", "Dicta" or "Mandate", some shadow below heads, elimination or covering of the arm tattoos and using a different, younger face (with same haircut) for the student.
I like the advice, but this is not the idea of the pic. The guys you see here are not Kim Yong Un, the use of the same face is to exagarate what he wants by makin all young men having his haircut : he wants young men to look like him, maybe just in case... The real Kim is the one behing on the official pic, big boy with a big smile.
When in Korea do like Koreans do. I hope the student is not required to eat a dog after the haircut Nice work featuring the Korean atmosphere...
Thank God this rule is limited to haircut only what if he says the face should like him only can anybody imagine Good work... perfect
Great chop, mate. That little Korean twit needs a brainectomy. Congrats on the bronze. You had some stiff competition

Funny Conan O'Briens Birthday Haircut

Conan O'Briens Birthday Haircut
It seems Conan is not too happy that he accepted a free haircut for his birthday from the ladies at the New York Beauty College.
Member reactions:
In this crazy haircut he doesnt look turning 50... like the fur on his soldiers
, he looks cool with this new haircut. and sure does look surprised Congrats on the silver, Paul.
Thanks, Bob. Thanks, Newsy...I've made an appointment for you to get the same haircut on your birthday. You can thank me later.
Thanks, Dr. Silvercuspid. I look forward to seeing the results on your next chop.
Silver Congrats, Doc clever and well done.
Looks like he'z preparing for a beauty contest... Excellent work done...
Thanks, tolegoeagle. Thanks, Tim. Thanks, AtharvaK.

Funny Kid With a Beard Having a Haircut

Kid With a Beard Having a Haircut
Member reactions:
Cute expression Actually he wants his beard hair need to be cut but the barber is cutting other one

Funny Dog with a Punk Haircut

Dog with a Punk Haircut
Member reactions:
Ha ha ha funky dog.., nice studs with lovely hair style

Funny Barack Obama Having a Haircut

Barack Obama Having a Haircut

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