Russian Hacking
Russian Hacking
Russian Hacking. Russian Hacking And The 2016 Election Explained

Funny Vladimir Putin Hacks White House Email

Vladimir Putin Hacks White House Email
Russia hacks the White House emails
Member reactions:
Wao... great caricature done on Putin like it
Hahaha, excellent. the email quotes.

Funny Kim Jong Un Hacking Sony

Kim Jong Un Hacking Sony
Did North Korea Hack Sony.
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Funny Hacking facebook

Hacking facebook
Anonymous hackers disown facebook plot source
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Your link is not workable-check the formula in the instructions. Other than that-everything looks good with your artistry.
oh, thanks friend ^_^ this is my first entry in this contest =)
that's really nice .thank you so much PSMandrake
Crusader you mean 4 times thnx guys
Bravooooooooooo Amine, great job buddy... congrats on your first Trophy at FN, I see a lot of them coming
thank you so much salis i feel happy for my first win youpiii
Congrats coolDES . My favorite in this contest ... Very good job .
Great work, I like the light and colors. Silver congrats..

Funny Hillary Clinton About to Be Hacked By Chainsaw

Hillary Clinton About to Be Hacked By Chainsaw

Funny Sarah Palin Emails Hacked

Sarah Palin Emails Hacked
lOL had the security emails in wrong order. Doh. fixed now :0
Member reactions:
Friggin' hilarious, gotta view this baby in FULL VIEW.
Amazing. Joke after joke after joke...very nice. Only minor issue, however, is the email with no subject at the might want to just cut that out of the picture, or put something there (there's a date, box, and size)
Number of e-mails on side does not match inbox
AS is right kind of spoilt the joke for me, I'm afraid
Lol yahoo inbox only lists UNREAD emails, already opened dont get counted, although I am only showing 3 unread (white background not grey) so will have to change it anyway. iM ON IT
Thats it guys, changed the inbox to 3 unread like it shows in the image and added one to the empty space at bottom, I use Yahoo and they get on my wick because they send at least one blank e-mail like that a day.still done now and looks better for it
Got sent this, it's some email screen shots of SP. may help someone clickityclick
Why is the subject text sliding over into the sender column. Also - font for subject and sender should be bold only for unread items.
Lol . nicely spotted , all sorted.thanks for pointing it out
Rolling on the floor with laughter...Priceless...
ha ha ha ha ha ha... this it's just awesome

Funny Hacking Perfume

Hacking Perfume
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Congrats Deb. Is that the spelling bee girl that always smelled her fingers.
Congrats Deb x2. Nice work, I can't help but to laugh at this when I see it.
...then I did my job Rain. I was going for straight for the funny bone when I created this. No Bee, this isn't Mary Katherine Margaret (or whatever that SNL characters name is). It's stock photography. Thanks for your comments, as always.
I wouldn't let anybody beat me off with a slide rule.

Funny Apple Hacking

Apple Hacking
Something different.
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Congrats Killer. I love that you put a flame on the apple. Cool chop.

Funny Apple Hacking

Apple Hacking

Funny Car Hacking License Plate

Car Hacking License Plate
Member reactions:
, took me awhile to read the bigger message but I did. Cool work.

Funny Hacking

The Apple's iPhone will be the most hacked electronic device in 2008, according to the Arbor's Security and Engineering Response Team (ASERT). The attacks will be mainly in the form of malware triggered and activated by the iPhone Web browser, when iPhone users browse seemingly harmless webpages. The report mentions two main reason why hackers target iPhone - relative easiness, and prestige of hacking a new platform. In this contest we ask you to photoshop what life would be like if the world was ruled by hackers. E.g. imagine how they would change text on computer keyboards, movie titles, company names, currency, etc. Here's a brief introduction to hackers lexicon. 900d 1uck, 3v3ry0n3!

Funny Bank Hacking

Bank Hacking
Show how hackers would change a "face" of famous American banks - banks' names, logos, trademarks, etc.

Funny Hacking Celebrity Cell Phones

Hacking Celebrity Cell Phones
Show us what we would find if celebrity or politicians mobile phones or PDA's were hacked.

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