Gypsy Strzok Consults His Crystal Ball
Gypsy Strzok Consults His Crystal Ball
Gypsy Strzok Consults His Crystal Ball.

Funny Gypsies Telling Fortune

Gypsies Telling Fortune
Member reactions:
Nice work but Trump's head appears floating with no connection to the neck.

Funny Hillary the Gypsy

Hillary the Gypsy



Funny Gypsy Woman in the Forest

Gypsy Woman in the Forest
Forest Ash Source Image Enlarge for Best View Stock Providers: faestock, cindysart, albionoria-ndiau, tempestazure-stock
Member reactions:
Pure Perfection.. Hats off to your creation
Great composition using the sources... like the look of the women and the cart in the Forest... gives a look of a new witch waiting for its prey
Thanks Gummy. One should give huge credit to the beautiful model.
Congratulations on a Bronze Cup Splatshot. Cheers to the model, as well as the artist
Thanks Robin. Thank you UncleChamp. She is a Beauty. Thanks all......
Congrats Splatshot on the bronze with a great looking chop.

Funny Gypsy Angelina Jolie by Manet

Gypsy Angelina Jolie by Manet
Member reactions:
You're going to meet a talldarg stranger very soon.
I wonder if perhaps Angelina's face could have been a little smaller to allow for her naturally high forehead.
Mmmmm , ..... , i likey just find the way it is .
Balodiya Thx ....
Good work seen on the face, Better if some smoke added to Cigar butt
A nice image, on second thoughts as you wanted the gypsy look, it wasn't necessary for her to look exactly like Angelina

Funny Gypsy Stevie Nicks Portrait

Gypsy Stevie Nicks Portrait
Member reactions:
Lovely image, I know it is a face swap but this has an extra element of quality, the integration is really good and there is a kind of spiritual feel to this.
I think the nose is a bit too big for the face though. Nice integration though.
This is actually very good technically AZ, but sometimes it's hard to capture Stevie at her best. (although she's very talented she's a little homely looking in my opinion) Cheers.

Funny Gypsy Rose Stevie Nicks

Gypsy Rose Stevie Nicks
OMG. She's recorded a new CD. Source Pic
Member reactions:
Not so much a chop, but great graphic design work. I think she'd be thrilled to look like that today
An original idea. she still looks good today jest3r
I liked this entry, nice deviation from the norm we see here. I never said she doesn't still look good today AzureSky Everyone wants to be forever young though.

Funny Gypsy Rose

Gypsy Rose

Funny The Sleeping Gypsy Painting and Guardian

The Sleeping Gypsy Painting and Guardian
Member reactions:
Thank you for having good taste. I do too.

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