Funny Gynecologist Howard Dean

Gynecologist Howard Dean
To be honest, Mrs Smith doesn't give two monkeys what Howard Dean does next, just please...not that.
Member reactions:
/me wonders where you searched for your source images.
well - the legs, stomach, doctor, hospital and dean are all different source images, so I reckon it's not as bad as you'd think.
"...And we're going into the Virginia.... YEEHAAWWWWWW..." Nice image.

Funny The Graduate Gynecologist

The Graduate Gynecologist
Grad Students Develop Online ... Education Curriculum
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Nice of you to give the rest of us a score of 1. with the exception of the 2. WTF. Such total disrespect for the hard work of others...
Well Said Hits, it is very disrespectful and childish.

Funny Bill Clinton the Gynecologist

Bill Clinton the Gynecologist

Funny Barack Obama Gynecologist

Barack Obama Gynecologist
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at the sign in the background..Change is going to hurt. So true...
, love the poster on the wall, but it needs to be skewed to follow the wall angle

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