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Funny Gynecologist Pictures

GynecologistFunny Gynecologist
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Gynecologist Howard DeanFunny Gynecologist Howard Dean
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To be honest, Mrs Smith doesn't give two monkeys what Howard Dean does next, just please...not that.
/me wonders where you searched for your source images.
well - the legs, stomach, doctor, hospital and dean are all different source images, so I reckon it's not as bad as you'd think.
"...And we're going into the Virginia.... YEEHAAWWWWWW..." Nice image.

Bill Clinton the GynecologistFunny Bill Clinton the Gynecologist
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Barack Obama GynecologistFunny Barack Obama Gynecologist
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at the sign in the background..Change is going to hurt. So true...
, love the poster on the wall, but it needs to be skewed to follow the wall angle

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