Obama and Putin at the Gym
Obama and Putin at the Gym
Obama and Putin at the Gym. Obama’s Workout Video
Member reactions:
Good lookin chop, Champ. Congrats on the cup
That Obama rendition fits him to a T.... Congrats UncleChamp....

Funny Kangaroos Working Out At The Gym

Kangaroos Working Out At The Gym
Member reactions:
Beast mode, hahaha. Bring out the beast in you.
I've met the one on the left before...I think. Ah heck I don't know. After a couple of beers they all look alike.
Supeeeer smooth
YIKES. Transgenders-Transhumans-Transtesticles-TransRoos...what next.
Congratulations Doc Paul. Classically Funny as always.
I have one of those blue balls..... uhhh that didn't come out right Great chop Doc and congrats on the cup. Some real lookers there, mate hahahahaha
Thanks, G-Man, Tim, hobbit, Andrew, Elegary and Gummy.

Funny School Gym Climbing Frame

School Gym Climbing Frame
Member reactions:
Very innovative way of using the source image

Funny Magritte's Crazy Gym

Magritte's Crazy Gym
Member reactions:
Great work. Like texture used with Handy Girl and Magritte sources.
Good job, like the face merge and the nice objects reflecting in the water well done
I really like your approach with this piece , very well done hidden ...
Very original , Woody Congrats Roberto ....

Funny Barack Obama in the Weight Room at the Gym

Barack Obama in the Weight Room at the Gym
Member reactions:
Funny, and nicely done, love the blurred second image ( The arm holding the weights is not quite right though, the forearm is much larger than the arm closest to the viewer, and it appears unattached to the body because of the scale and perspective)
qtrmoonshop... your right, good eye, thanks for catching that, can't believe I missed it. This should work.
hahahaha, this is very very good and funny too.

Funny Super Mario the Gym Teacher

Super Mario the Gym Teacher
Mario found himself a new hobby
Member reactions:
The new mario is excellent good idea you must be like video game a lot
Thanks you... I don't play games at all. I just thought of mario when I saw the red shirt and suspenders.

Funny New Gym Movement

New Gym Movement

Funny Tom Cruise Training at the Gym

Tom Cruise Training at the Gym

Funny George Clooney's Gym

George Clooney's Gym
Naturally George spends a lot of time at "his" gym .....

Funny Bears Take Over Gym

Bears Take Over Gym

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