"HI GUYS, I HOPE TO HAVE FUN UP THERE!". Member reactions:
Seize the day. Really. Not exactly a bona fide message from a person who killed himself. Is it sarcasm or just a poor choice.
Great caricature. But doesn't seem to fit the background.
Its a party time UP there..... Robin is there to entertain the heaven good work like the concept and RIP
One of the best in the contest. Scored over an 8 but finished the 6th. Tough race.
Stunning background work. Great chop overall

Funny Face Transplant Guy Poses For GQ

Face Transplant Guy Poses For GQ
A man with a complete face transplant poses for GQ magazine Jay-Z would like to thank deaddog for the use of his face. As deaddog would say, "bwahahahahahaha."
Member reactions:
DD may simply start lending his face for a fee. How much for a day or per chop.
I think I look like Sean Connery, as depicted here.
like the new face with stitched together... Looks like Jason from Friday the 13th Movie. well done
This looks great Nice Thinking nice threading on the face
It can be clearly seen that after chopping off the face it dead skin color changes , best marketing work for the transplantation with the Bold stitches
Freaking idea. I hope they gave Freaking idea. I hope they both gave the permission to collate their faces togather.
And the wood.

Funny Brazil: `We'll remember you forever guys!`

Brazil: `We'll remember you forever guys!`
Member reactions:
Nice Work..Congrats. But it is difficult to see the source image. I just cant focus for some reason... .
A wonderful job done with the sources, Wanderer.. Crisp,Clean,Silver Congrats..
Congrats on the silver, Andrew. Great satire.

Funny Guy Fawkes for Canada

Guy Fawkes for Canada
Member reactions:
Brain washing effect - this would work as a propaganda poster

Funny Kong Selfie: Wait Til The Guys See This

Kong Selfie: Wait Til The Guys See This
Member reactions:
This is great except that it doesn't really look like he's holding the phone. Needs shadows.
Apply shadows to King Kong fingers to mo maki it more real.
Yeah, add a shadow from the hand onto the phone and you have a top entry.
thanks guys - was in a hurry to get to work and forgot to do everything... oh well

Funny Come On Guys, Put Your Shoes On!

Come On Guys, Put Your Shoes On!
Member reactions:
Awesome work overall, though the shadows could use more work
I see you are making up for any shortcommings in the next one . Want to know a quick shadowing trick. This chop for instance,,,Copy the roo, re-paste with softest edge selection. You want the shadow edge to be as fuzzy as you can make it. Saturate all the way to full black. Grab the black layer at the top and compress down 2/3rds or so. Swap layer to fit behind the roo and reduce density to 15-25%. Set eraser tool to 5% and fade out any areas of shadow that don't look right or leave it if it looks cool. I use that method quite a bit when the image allows

Funny One icecream guys ?

One icecream guys ?
Pope Francis celebrates Mass with 4 homeless men on his 77th birthday
Member reactions:

Funny Guy Fieri Fights With His Hairdresser

Guy Fieri Fights With His Hairdresser
Food Network star and restaurant owner, Guy Fieri fights with his hairdresser
Member reactions:
Thanks, everyone. That's the way Guy's hair is EVERY day, Newsy.
congratulations on your double win...... pcrdds... Your work is funny ,,clean,, and always tells a story... )
Congratulations. This one went straight to my FB Timeline.
Thanks, Miss Pree. Thanks, G-Man. Thanks, Bob. It's nice of you to notice that I always try to tell a story, Pree.
CONGRATS on both your gold and silver...nobody likes a show off...

Funny Jack Hannah Animal Guy

Jack Hannah Animal Guy
Wild Kingdom
Member reactions:
Hi, where'd ya'll go. Even Rajesh has not commented. It can't be the pic, stupid thing won a cup. So, did the rapture happen. Did ya'll disappear. Is it my breath. I think I figured it out. The little bear farted and cleared the room, right.
Congrads on the cup, how's that, this is more work then a penny is worth.
Congrats on the Wood. Bet if the head were moved just a tiny bit to the left it would have won (should have won anyway, in my opinion).
I agree Bob. I struggled with that collar big time. I realize after it was over that I goofed on the corner of the pocket. Thanks for the votes folks.

Funny New Guy

New Guy
Member reactions:
New guy in the band..... and the Dog is worried... God save the band ...

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