Jack Hannah Animal Guy with No Neck
Jack Hannah Animal Guy with No Neck
Jack Hannah Animal Guy with No Neck. Wild Kingdom
Member reactions:
Hi, where'd ya'll go. Even Rajesh has not commented. It can't be the pic, stupid thing won a cup. So, did the rapture happen. Did ya'll disappear. Is it my breath. I think I figured it out. The little bear farted and cleared the room, right.
Congrads on the cup, how's that, this is more work then a penny is worth.
Congrats on the Wood. Bet if the head were moved just a tiny bit to the left it would have won (should have won anyway, in my opinion).
I agree Bob. I struggled with that collar big time. I realize after it was over that I goofed on the corner of the pocket. Thanks for the votes folks.

Funny Fat Guy Waiting for Armageddon

Fat Guy Waiting for Armageddon
Member reactions:
Winner, that's Me. My lawyer will be in contact.
"More to come...'Cocked-Locked-Ready to Rock.' will return after these messages."
Funny. You should either replace or lose the glass of beer though (not because he's drinking from the bottle - ha), because the perspective is backwards. The glass is leaning forward, where the table leans backward.
MsgtBob: Okay MsgtBob-I made the change. Thanks for the comment & tip.
Sweet work, but the image could be bigger
Thanks for the compliments Folks. I appreciate the time it takes to add suggestions.
CONGRATS Winning the Silver Cup geriatric.

Funny Bad Guy..Good Guy Christopher Walkin

Bad Guy..Good Guy Christopher Walkin
He played a great villian, but what if he was Bond.

Funny Young Pretty Girl with Ugly Rich Guy

Young Pretty Girl with Ugly Rich Guy
It's obvious she loves him for who he is and not what he has...yeah, right.
Member reactions:
Nice Quote.... Its matter what is there in your heart.. Love or Money... Great saying
Tradition has changed Find your true love Funny Expression



Funny Who are those Guys?

Who are those Guys?
Democratic Talking Points From Seattle Times for Washington State.
Member reactions:
Obama looks on-the-ball as usual: "DUH.." Nice work.
very funny to see the Dog and its acts... and Obama's new look is simply amazing...

Funny Darling, is he the right guy to paint our car?

Darling, is he the right guy to paint  our car?
Darling, is he the right guy to paint our car. Art Car was created in 1977 by the Pop Art legend Andy Warhol who, unlike the previous artists, worked directly on the full-scale vehicle and painted the car himself.
Member reactions:
Like the concept of different shades of paint to the car
One of the best chops in the contest. Great satire. Great art.

Funny Guy holding himself up

Guy holding himself up
Hey Lady. bet you can't do this.
Member reactions:
i think this one is the most creative. didn't take a bunch of crazy crap like mine. it's far more respectable in it's simplicity.
Haha He looks floating and the shadow .... very funny


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As per our rules reference to Nazi/Hitler is not allowed. Please edit out the Nazi eagle badge
Red skull is really looking great with an American badge
Congrats,on the Woody....Awesome work....Bravo.

Funny McHale's last Tour.......RIP, Big guy!

McHale's last Tour.......RIP, Big guy!
Member reactions:
Excellent work great caricature and the pipe emitting smoke is wonderful really like this chop
Very well done, a master peace with great smoky look and very professionally chopped
I really thought this was going be in the top 3 Bernie ....
That body looks real familiar nice work, Bernie.
I wish this one would get a trophy too. Excellent tribute, Bernie.

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