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Funny Guy Pictures

Member reactions:

As per our rules reference to Nazi/Hitler is not allowed. Please edit out the Nazi eagle badge
Red skull is really looking great with an American badge
Congrats,on the Woody....Awesome work....Bravo.

McHale's last Tour.......RIP, Big guy!Funny McHale's last Tour.......RIP, Big guy!
Member reactions:

Excellent work great caricature and the pipe emitting smoke is wonderful really like this chop
Very well done, a master peace with great smoky look and very professionally chopped
Phenomenon composed very well executed
I really thought this was going be in the top 3 Bernie ....
That body looks real familiar nice work, Bernie.
I wish this one would get a trophy too. Excellent tribute, Bernie.

So Long Tough GuyFunny So Long Tough Guy
Member reactions:
Ernest Borgnine was in more than 100 movies, now he's making movies in heaven.
Excellent work like the idea of turning the Sun into a reel case and the reel is showing him the way to paradise really great job
thank you rajeshstar, and balodiya.
congrats on the win vicspa very well done
Way to go vicspa, nice choppin' Congrats. I like your composition in this one, but I prefer your other caricature a stronger likeness in my opinion great job in the contest.
Congrats,on winning the Gold and Silver.
Thanks nepaguy, thanks qtrmoonshop, I agree with you on the other caricature, some angles work better than others.
Great chopping, vic. I like hope you made the film roll as stairs to heaven. Congrats on the gold.

Member reactions:

Excellent skin toning in the face and nice job done

Member reactions:

Great caricature did and the expressions of both were truly matching good job done

Regular guyFunny Regular guy
Member reactions:

Alien Guy Walking his PetFunny Alien Guy Walking his Pet
Member reactions:

This one is really well done. Very creative. Nice work.
This is Dogs Avatar and yes Third leg needed to hold such Dog
Creative Idea and very well composed Very Well done hidden
ha ha ha freaking idea generated here, what a thought to convert the dog to an alien pet wonderful execution, I can see the three legs of that person why ....
Beautifully Bizarre. Bronze Congrats tinmon.
I want the same mushrooms you've eaten, . Seriously clever chop. Congrats on the bronze, tinmon.

Surreal Karate GuyFunny Surreal Karate Guy
Member reactions:

This is a fantastic job. light the shadows cast exactly the right point, a great use of the source, work of art. subjects has not seen a lot of the kind, beautiful. reminds me of the master FW.
woooooooow great gold many congrats for the gold
Awesome work, Cns. Golden congrats, very creative.
. Congrats oo0cns0oo . Very good job .

Tom Cruise the Family GuyFunny Tom Cruise the Family Guy
Member reactions:

, too awesome. I see Suri grew up a lot too.
, all perfectly blended...looks real. Great job

Dexter a Simple GuyFunny Dexter a Simple Guy
Member reactions:

great piece Ibou.. congrats on the gold
Too Cool...........and what a signature style you have.
Silver trophy (with a splash ob blood) for ibou. Congrats.
Thanks everyone for the Dexter vote and fav.

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