Funny 2 guns

2 guns

Funny Woman Gets Shot At Gun Show

Woman Gets Shot At Gun Show
A woman accidentally got shot at a Gun show. Who better than Cheney to accidentally shoot someone.
Member reactions:
Masters job done Great EXECUTION.. Nice Flow of the blood
Great chop indeed . Just two small points. Hillary's wound looks like a Volcano erupting blood and Cheney is holding the gun in a strange way.
Yeah, Cheney is a perfect accidental shooter. He'll say again he was just trying to shoot a turkey. Great chopping.
Congrats on the gold, and the silver, and the bronze, and the wood, and top 5, and damn. 6th too..
Congrats on the ... fecta (or whatever winning the top six places is called). Shame you couldn't find time to get that seventh one in (argh - ha).

Funny Smoking guns

Smoking guns
Member reactions:
Decent work, though would be nice to match skin tones of her arms and face

Funny Trump Rallies Against Gun Control

Trump Rallies Against Gun Control
Donald Trump rallies against gun control in New York
Member reactions:
I like how he's armed to the teeth. He looks like the Rambo badass twin with that wild hair. Some clever posters about "Guns Don't Kill People"
Danger man but he is thinking which gun I will use first .......
Perfect work ... This guy is an armada at himself
Neat and clean, good work as always, hidden. I used to have those shoes...
Awesome caricature of the Heston's substitute
Perfect.... he looks like a salesman of guns... like the poster saying Guns do not kill people and drivers with cell phone... this is real truth
I missed the vote but, it would have been a '10' kind of day if I had voted. Congratulations Dr. Chuckles.

Funny Jumping The Gun

Jumping The Gun
It is best to think entirely through before you act
Member reactions:
Nice illusion wear 3d glasses to see the effect

Funny Big Gun

Big Gun
Member reactions:
Looks like he's angry but he's dancing, like in Indian movies, hahaha.

Funny Obama with a Gun Fan

Obama with a Gun Fan
Member reactions:
His face is perfectly fits to that hair style

Funny Dyson Machine Gun

Dyson Machine Gun
Member reactions:
pro composite but I would nix the shadow under the main body because the front handle looks like it is on a separate focal plane. plenty of time for the correction
Great title and excellent chop...Or is it a real product.. Going to Walmart in hopes of bringing one home.
Very well built so innovate idea used here Hopefully can get this in Walmart
Perfect... Looks so real now. Great correction Great chop and a great cup for Ninj
Fantastic blending - this beauty looks real. Congrats on the bronze, Ninj.
Thanks Hitspinner AND for the tip. Cheers Newsmaster and geriatric

Funny Ice Cream Machine Gun from Dr. Evil

Ice Cream Machine Gun from Dr. Evil
Member reactions:
Whoah, what dainty hands I would just stick my face in front of that gun and say "let er rip boys"
I just love this freaking gun fully loaded with crazy shots coming out to destroy all bad/dirty thought and will fill the environment with all chocolaty feelings, very sweet placement, Lovely work. Good luck
Very innovative idea... this looks like they are delivering ice creams to the kids stranded in flood affected areas Buy why there are sweating
Sweet. I was actually considering buying the KinchenAid mixer Congrats on the silver, Wanderer.
Well done a delicious chop Nice 2 spot W

Funny Musical Guns

Musical Guns
Vice President Biden rejected criticism on new gun control laws. "America will be much safer now; the new gun control package is music to my ears", said Biden. Merge any musical instruments with guns.

Funny Guns Backwards

Guns Backwards
Modern days fighter planes do not have guns pointing backwards to shoot down the enemy planes chasing them. The chased plane just tries to get away, but it would be convenient to have backwards pointing guns (or missiles) to shoot back. Photoshop any guns pointing backwards. Take any type of guns (hand guns, larger machine guns, etc.) and point them backwards, as in this example.

Funny Smith & Wesson Gun

Smith & Wesson Gun
Photoshop this Smith & Wesson .357 image (CLICK HERE to download) any way you wish. Examples may include changing the Smith & Wesson gun design, merging the S&W .357 handgun with some other object or animal, including the Smith & Wesson gun in paintings. These are just some ideas. You have 3 days to submit your entry. Submitting it early will give you plenty of time to read the critique comments and edit your image accordingly. Many thanks to Lyina for help with the concept, and to Stock Exchange for providing the source image.

Funny Celebrities with Guns

Celebrities with Guns
Show celebrities, politicians, activists or any other famous face working weaponry!

Funny Celebrities with Guns

Celebrities with Guns
Photoshop politicians & celebrities with a gun or design an advertisement supporting, or rejecting gun ownership.

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