Obama Might Allow These Guns
Obama Might Allow These Guns
Obama Might Allow These Guns. Obama wants more gun restrictions
Member reactions:
Excellent except drops unless it isn't water.
Thanks, everyone.

Funny Ghandi Gets A Gun

Ghandi Gets A Gun
Quentin Tarantino to do remake biopic of the life of Ghandi. See the iconic symbol of non-violence gone postal in a new white-knuckle action-packed thriller.
Member reactions:
It's a serious allegory of the dichotomy of ethical choices presented by mid-twentieth century mores. It's the inner angel and inner devil struggle of philosophical opposites, always in adversarial polar realities, struggling for dominance in a confused human persona. And I think Ghandi as Twins funny.
Quality Image. Love the gun and those shades.
Another cup contender. This contest was tough. Full of primo chops. Congrats on the top 5, totally worthy of a cup, Swashbuckle.
Too 5 congrats Swash,this was a great chop

Funny The Queen Pulls Out a Gun

The Queen Pulls Out a Gun
Enticed to Buckingham Palace under false pretences, Angelina Jolie has been taken hostage and forced to listen to Bagpipe music. Asked why, the Queen stated simply, "The rent on this place alone is a bitch." We need the money. According to sources close to the Palace, the Queen may accept the ransom being paid in dog food.
Member reactions:
Funny but you shouldn't use same images(dogs)
, must not like her movies hahahah Nice one

Funny Smoking gun

Smoking gun

Funny Guns at a Chris Brown Party

Guns at a Chris Brown Party
Three wounded by gunfire at a party for Chris Brown
Member reactions:
Excellent work. I would make their bodies larger, or their heads smaller, because the difference in head and body size is so big that it's hard to associate these bodies with these heads.
Amazing chop,This is Killing gunfire party.
It's still a fine work though the heads are still huge, but not sure why the party is happening at some Gothic chapel all of a sudden.
very good work, awesome colors . Congratz man

Funny Jimmi Hendrix Playing a Machine Gun

Jimmi Hendrix Playing a Machine Gun

Funny Vladimir Putin Monkey with a Gun

Vladimir Putin Monkey with a Gun
Botox makes wonders
Member reactions:
This was really funny at first sight, but his right hand is leaning down. No way to hold gun and banana,
You are right. He is thief. He knows that and everybody know. He is scared all the time. It is his permanent mental condition. He can't be retired as regular people. Too much stolen. But it only part of his problem. After Chechnya, Georgia, Crimea and Ukraine he became terrorist and murderer number one in the world.
Do you have some anger issues to work out there Wanderer. Jeeze, remind me never to ... you off Nice one mate
The world could forgive him the Crimea annexation, but not the Boeing crash. He is in deep trouble now for many years ahead. The problem is, the rest of Russia will have to suffer together with him. All the sanctions, in the end are relayed on the shoulders of civilians... or to say exactly onto their pockets.

Funny Lionel Messi with a Gun

Lionel Messi with a Gun
Member reactions:
Ha, ha, ha, in S.A. & M.A. sometimes happens
Hahaha, very fitting. This is what footballers would love to do when they don't agree with the referee's decisions for sure.

Funny 2 Guns Illegal Immigrant Movie

2 Guns Illegal Immigrant Movie

Funny Hillary Clinton Gets Shot At Gun Show

Hillary Clinton Gets Shot At Gun Show
A woman accidentally got shot at a Gun show. Who better than Cheney to accidentally shoot someone.
Member reactions:
Masters job done Great EXECUTION.. Nice Flow of the blood
Great chop indeed . Just two small points. Hillary's wound looks like a Volcano erupting blood and Cheney is holding the gun in a strange way.
Yeah, Cheney is a perfect accidental shooter. He'll say again he was just trying to shoot a turkey. Great chopping.
Congrats on the gold, and the silver, and the bronze, and the wood, and top 5, and damn. 6th too..
Congrats on the ... fecta (or whatever winning the top six places is called). Shame you couldn't find time to get that seventh one in (argh - ha).

Funny Musical Guns

Musical Guns
Vice President Biden rejected criticism on new gun control laws. "America will be much safer now; the new gun control package is music to my ears", said Biden. Merge any musical instruments with guns.

Funny Guns Backwards

Guns Backwards
Modern days fighter planes do not have guns pointing backwards to shoot down the enemy planes chasing them. The chased plane just tries to get away, but it would be convenient to have backwards pointing guns (or missiles) to shoot back. Photoshop any guns pointing backwards. Take any type of guns (hand guns, larger machine guns, etc.) and point them backwards, as in this example.

Funny Smith & Wesson Gun

Smith & Wesson Gun
Photoshop this Smith & Wesson .357 image (CLICK HERE to download) any way you wish. Examples may include changing the Smith & Wesson gun design, merging the S&W .357 handgun with some other object or animal, including the Smith & Wesson gun in paintings. These are just some ideas. You have 3 days to submit your entry. Submitting it early will give you plenty of time to read the critique comments and edit your image accordingly. Many thanks to Lyina for help with the concept, and to Stock Exchange for providing the source image.

Funny Celebrities with Guns

Celebrities with Guns
Show celebrities, politicians, activists or any other famous face working weaponry!

Funny Celebrities with Guns

Celebrities with Guns
Photoshop politicians & celebrities with a gun or design an advertisement supporting, or rejecting gun ownership.

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