Gummy Bear's True Beginnings
Gummy Bear's True Beginnings
Gummy Bear's True Beginnings. Member reactions:
Hey,, I resemble that remark....Just what ya tryin to say here buddy.
Tastes sweet i suppose Gummy.
I know I don't like that meat grinder part at all. A Gummy could get smushed in there.
I must be thick. I did not get this one's meaning but I sure like the chopping.

Funny Gummy Ringmaster's Freakshow

Gummy Ringmaster's Freakshow
A tribute Gummy. Hurry, Hurry, step right up and see the world famous, FreakingNews Freakshow.
Member reactions:
Yup you were right, payback is a bit**. thanks buddy
Thank you hobbit, suni , and the man of the hour Gummy.
Can't help but fall in love with this chop.
Typical payback Thanks Newsey, and Geri was a work of joy
Awesome Great Caricature Very well executed Nice Glaxy, Nice effects
Marvelous chop.... using the stary and sunny sky and the ring master freak show is really amazing well done
Thank you Rajesh, balodiya, D-Man. I could be wrong, but I think this is the first gold I have gotten for a FN member tribute. Some wins mean more than others especially the ones that took a lot of work. Thank you folks.
Yea, I won, I won,,, errr I mean you won,, oh New Jersey it sounded better when I won... Thanks for the tribute.
Congratulations Hit-man. A very nice FN Member Roasting for sure. Seems like Gummy must have leg whipped a very hungry bear....
I sort of thought this was yours, love it, great job and a BIG CONGRATS.
Congrats on the Gold (but it can not be a true tribute to Gummy without a drunken wombat in there).
I answered this once, guess it didn't take. Fresh out of wombats today. Was going to put in a cigar smoking alligator which would explain the missing body parts but ran out of room . Thanks Geri, Gummy, Bob, Hobbit, Jockey,Wanderer, Splatshot, Doc and Gummy again

Funny Arise Sir Gummy The Bear

Arise Sir Gummy The Bear
Member reactions:
She turned him into a poster board cut out Lol.
Yikes, I hate being turned into a cardboard cutout

Funny Gummy Bear Army

Gummy Bear Army

Funny Anne Hathaway Eating a Gummy Bear

Anne Hathaway Eating a Gummy Bear
I heard about this on Nightline last night(5-21-12) and couldn't resist.
Member reactions:
I'm hungey for sweets all of a sudden. Good luck-.
Yummy.... i like this Jelly stuff to eat well done to cover her up as a dress

Funny Greenpeace Gummy Bear Ship

Greenpeace Gummy Bear Ship
Ocean 'Gummy Bears' Fight Global Warming
Member reactions:
the banner need to be better fit into the image
Be better if the actual green peace boat, rainbow warrier had been used, this one one doesn't look real.
funny entry, the gummy bears look relly concern
, funny..would have been better if the green peace sign was made better..nice work tho.
Yeah, I couldn't find one with the right perspective/elements. And I promise, the boat is real. Spent about an hour masking it. Not my best entry by far, and the sign. Well, I was going for the "they are hanging it look." Oh well, can't win 'em all. :-\
Greenpeace hired Gummy Bears to do this dirty job

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