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Funny Guardian Pictures

2014 Guardians of timeFunny 2014 Guardians of time
Member reactions:
Happy New Year to Everyone..
If you stare it for 5 minutes you will get goose pimples

Cat guardiansFunny Cat guardians
Member reactions:

This cat looks too cute The guardians of the night

The guardian of treasureFunny The guardian of treasure
Member reactions:

'treasure' is correct spelling oh HIDDEN Maiden of the chop. Spooky image but, cool.
Cool. MR. Shark has no chance at heisting the treasure with this beautiful Merbabe on guard.
Mermaid at its best.. lovely hair and i love to see those beautiful gills really awesome and pretty job done like the looks of pretty girl
Many thanks AWESOME, Geriatric, Splatshot, Suni, Rajeshstar glad u like it
Beautifully done..very clean handed and sweet idea
Lots of thanks Ericnorthend, Awesome, Pcr, Wanderer, Jeremix multumesc mult Gugulan.

The Guardian DragonFunny The Guardian Dragon
Member reactions:

Source Image
Awesome. Don't you think the mouth looks a little one-dimensional with only one row of teeth showing. Given the angle of the head one would see the other row of teeth in the lower jaw. Just my 2 Cents..
It's amazing what you did with just one source.
great mix.... very well done happy new year, for you and your family.
Nice work, I agree with both Tarkus and NewsMaster, great work from the one source, and I do agree about the teeth
You be the dragon king, three of top 10 very good.

Tom Green the Sand Castle GuardianFunny Tom Green the Sand Castle Guardian
Member reactions:

Congrats on the Win. Brilliant and Nice masking with the hair.
This freaking rocks. and I remember that crab source
Thank you for the nice comments and high votes... Lol, I didn`t expect 4 wins in a row

GuardianFunny Guardian
Member reactions:

Guardian AngelFunny Guardian Angel
Member reactions:

Original art by Bouguereau

The GuardiansFunny The Guardians
Member reactions:

What a ride. Please view full - there are about 30 faces to find. Gollum thinks he has the Precious.. but the Guardians are waiting..
now That was a lot of work. Looks purty good; lotsa "eyes" peeking over shoulders...
Very spooky effect, and artistic presentation. Good show. Gollum would be proud.

Legend Of The GuardiansFunny Legend Of The Guardians
Member reactions:

Nice work-going to be a *HOT* competition this contest.

Hells Gate GuardianFunny Hells Gate Guardian
Member reactions:

This is good, but I thought Cerberus had THREE heads.

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