The Guardian
The Guardian
The Guardian. The guardian with his treasure
Member reactions:
Gold Grats, I'v tried these type chops but just couldn't get the lighting and reflections right.
Congrats on the gold Mark
Pretty darn good, congrats, Mark.Gold cup day.
Very creative. Congrats on the gold, Mark.

Funny Star Wars in Guardians of the Galaxy Movie

Star Wars in Guardians of the Galaxy Movie

Funny The Groundhog Knight Guardian of the Realm

The Groundhog Knight Guardian of the Realm
Legend says that Camelot was blessed with good weather and winter always "exits March the second on the dot " Now we know why. Sources, of courses
Member reactions:
Hahaha, this raaaaawks. Congrats on the silver armor, Icy.

Funny The Time Guardian

The Time Guardian
Member reactions:
Please spend you time shooting at the clocks.
Cool art. I need the address of your dealer

Funny Pumpkin Guardians of the Night

Pumpkin Guardians of the Night
Member reactions:
Nice work, I like the little pumpkin on the tongue

Funny Barack Obama Guardian of the Blood Moon

Barack Obama Guardian of the Blood Moon
Member reactions:
Great chop the only problem is Odumma isn't smart enough to be a vampire or any kind of demon from hell(if there is such a place) hes just an idiot.
The comic character Obama as vampire is freaking funny. Elephant on earth looks an odd animal tricky and catchy chop I like it
Fantastic work... great work of lighting and the Obama with horns and green texture on his face gives a horrific look to the chop good one
Quality work, though I would not make Obama smile here. Not every chop has to feature smiling Obama, you know

Funny 2014 Guardians of Time

2014 Guardians of Time
Happy New Year to Everyone..
Member reactions:
If you stare it for 5 minutes you will get goose pimples

Funny Cat Owl Guardian

Cat Owl Guardian
Member reactions:
This cat looks too cute The guardians of the night

Funny Shark Guardian of the Treasure

Shark Guardian of the Treasure
Member reactions:
'treasure' is correct spelling oh HIDDEN Maiden of the chop. Spooky image but, cool.
Cool. MR. Shark has no chance at heisting the treasure with this beautiful Merbabe on guard.
Mermaid at its best.. lovely hair and i love to see those beautiful gills really awesome and pretty job done like the looks of pretty girl
Many thanks AWESOME, Geriatric, Splatshot, Suni, Rajeshstar glad u like it
Beautifully done..very clean handed and sweet idea
Lots of thanks Ericnorthend, Awesome, Pcr, Wanderer, Jeremix multumesc mult Gugulan.

Funny The Guardian Dragon

The Guardian Dragon
Source Image
Member reactions:
Awesome. Don't you think the mouth looks a little one-dimensional with only one row of teeth showing. Given the angle of the head one would see the other row of teeth in the lower jaw. Just my 2 Cents..
It's amazing what you did with just one source.
Nice work, I agree with both Tarkus and NewsMaster, great work from the one source, and I do agree about the teeth
You be the dragon king, three of top 10 very good.

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