Viper GTS compact version
Viper GTS compact version
Viper GTS compact version. Source

Funny Short GT Ford

Short GT Ford
The source
Member reactions:
Great chop and congrats on the cup. You are making a trademark style for yourself
Nice job. You should start moving towards perspective pics of cars, I'm sure you can do it.

Funny Tiny Ford Mustang GT Car

Tiny Ford Mustang GT Car
I always wanted to try Photoshopping one of these short stubby cars.
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I think it looks really cool.. I might have left the Ford logo un-stubby, though, just for a sense of realistic-ness. (is that a word.)
Trying the new resize feature in CS4.
Ha. I like it. Reminds me of Penny Racers.
I completely forgot about Penny Racers until now.. I loved those things..
It's compact and cute. Makes me think of Apple-design.

Funny Ford GT with a Howitzer

Ford GT with a Howitzer
Following the success of the Hummer vehicles, Ford decided to appeal to the militant tendencies of many of its potential customers. Integrating a Howitzer cannon into its GT model, Ford believes it has found the perfect combination of speed and (fire) power. Ford plans to enter this new model into various races around the world, where it is expected to literally dust the competition. Ford GT source
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This model should help clear up some traffic during traffic jams and peak hours

Funny Tiny Porsche Carrera GT

Tiny Porsche Carrera GT
Compression has REALLY KILLED this picture Pleae View Full Original Porsche
Member reactions:
this is so damn well executed, great chop of quality here
Perfect Work .. I bet it still uses loads of fuel though.
Beautiful work PLEASE full view before voting. It is required on this one truly.
This one reminds me of the movie Cars. Very good
Its nice...but i think it is only a slim version...where is the combination of different car.

Funny Mustang GT Classic Car

Mustang GT Classic Car
Based on the Mustang GT, an American Classic. Vroooom.
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Very nice wrok....except the seat looks very strange. Strange perspective, imo.

Funny Ford Mustang GT with Bike Wheels

Ford Mustang GT with Bike Wheels
The new mustan..err i mean biketang gt

Funny Ford Mustang GT Made From Cheap Parts

Ford Mustang GT Made From Cheap Parts
Ford cut corners on their new Mustang GTs by using old tire, wood for the gas tank cap, writing GT instead of the emblems & not painting the doors.
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Excellent presentation with this Mustang.

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