Marijuana Growing in Sequoia National Park
Marijuana Growing in Sequoia National Park
Marijuana Growing in Sequoia National Park. THE STORY SOURCE
Member reactions:
those leaves are as big as her arm. imagine what the buds will look like
I had wondered if the source plants are pictures taken at a local "nursery". When Obama gets into office, herb shall be legalized - He inhaled.
Me likes the satire here. Jer.
Too bad it's hemp, ya'd hafta smoke the whole paddock & deal with a severe headache to get anything out of it

Funny When I Grow Too Old to Dream

When I Grow Too Old to Dream

Funny Growing Marijuana on the Moon

Growing Marijuana on the Moon
Plants 'thrive' on Moon rock diet

Funny Baby Growing Marijuana in his Sandbox

Baby Growing Marijuana in his Sandbox
Little Emmy found her sandbox had just the right soil conditions to grow her marijuana.
Member reactions:
The marijuana and Miracle Gro are a bit too blurry compared to the rest of the picture. But other than that, great idea.
Hmm, doesn't look criminal to me Smoke up wee little kid.
Might want to shade the plant and the top of the fertilizer bottle, direction of sun is coming from the left as seen on the baby.
I agree with the critiques, but it's a great idea.
laughing my arse off Mids

Funny Man Growing Marijuana in Spring

Man Growing Marijuana in Spring

Funny Tree Growing in a Room

Tree Growing in a Room
my first entry.
Member reactions:
Fun idea. If your story is "tree growing out of floor and punching hole in ceiling", then you could make the ceiling hole look more realistic, with whole tiles being pushed aside or looks a bit unconvincing as is.
Thats neato. Very creative, and I like how the edges of the tear look burnt.
Just a little work on the perspective of the ceiling would make this complete.
Crazy and nice idea, it look kind out of perspective at the floor and roof, if u scale it just at tall (distorb a lil) sure this would get a more realistic looking.
Novel idea. If you make the hole in the ceiling bigger.. with a little more "tree" visible there - it would look more believable. Good job.
I think it would look better if the cieling hole was a bit bigger
Very creative, but what happens to the wiring in there.

Funny Space Agriculture Growing Corn

Space Agriculture Growing Corn
A closed system benefits all; corn, fertilizer, oxygen, and grits.
Member reactions:
Children of the corn. Part II - the Space Odyssey

Funny Flower Growing in a Babies Head

Flower Growing in a Babies Head
Babies are beautiful and strange things.
Member reactions:
Roses on my mind...tulip in my head
I know one flower child. He's a blooming idiot
. Good one, Newsy.

Funny Miracle Grow

Miracle Grow
Guaranteed to produce bigger buds of the greatest potency. view full PLEASE
Member reactions:
Funny. I didn't know we could post anything this tall. Suffers a bit from tile syndrome.
Your suppose to crop the top and let it spread for better potency...(so I've heard)
Rules are image must 250kb or less, regardless of shape.

Funny Home grown

Home grown
Russell has been growing his own cannabis, looks as if he has been sampling some.
Member reactions:
Don't know how others will see it, but I find the light strange, and Russel bright (in terms of light )
There could be another light source, as he isn't actually under the yellow lights.
Looks fine to me, watta hoot His gonna need some mellowing out on summin

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