Money Growing on Trees
Money Growing on Trees
Money Growing on Trees.

Funny Tree Growing on Man's Head

Tree Growing on Man's Head
Well, First let me tell you one thing. This is not my Own Idea, I have seen this type of image in Deviant art before long back, at that time I didn't bookmarked or even didn't add to favorite. But I badly wanted to do this type of image from that time but I haven't time and didn't get proper sources. Now, every thing is under my control and I got good sources and Finally this output comes. Just make story what ever you want. I just can tell you that bulb was blasted as there is high voltage. source" -->

Funny Flower Growing Out of Rusty Car

Flower Growing Out of Rusty Car
Member reactions:
Wonderful composition. There will be a new beginning.
Liquifier.... Pretty nice chop, and great idea.

Funny Old Ladies Smoking and Growing Marijuana

Old Ladies Smoking and Growing Marijuana
Viwe Large
Member reactions:
The mix of Photo and illustration is a little confusing to me.
It shouldn't be confusing. You used a similar mix of reality/illustration style in your chop 'Soprano-Obama'. Similar Mix Thanks for the comment, pcrdds.
Hahaha, I love the weed voodoo doll here.
.. and how about that dizzy gangster monkey.. ain't that worth a gold .. ... h*ll yeah.. Fine chop Young man..
Newsie... yeah a voodoo doll that makes zombies with the munchies Glad ya like it Geri Salis, Thanks. Generally if I use a source in a chop I pitch it after but I didn't loose that stupid space chimp ,. I knew there must have been a reason I kept it and when I needed a Jamaican drug thug, he jumped off the monitor at me
Thanks RW. It came out pretty decent for a little departure in style. I'm proud of it. Notice I am starting to load these things up with some effects again.

Funny Women on Bench with Foliage Growing on Them

Women on Bench with Foliage Growing on Them
Member reactions:
Really.........Oh well no time for tweaking s I will live with it

Funny Babies Growing on a Vine

Babies Growing on a Vine
My mum told me this when I was eight
Member reactions:
Nice (even if they are whitecurrants) , great concept.
Good variance with limited sources. Sublime.
very cool.. i think i ate 3 at once..14 years ago.....
Again, A stunning entry. It was the first entered and that can be considered too fast to be of any great worth but this chop shoots that to assumption hell-o Supe chop, John....
Congrats, JohnX1. I like it when a clever idea performs well in a contest.

Funny Growing Bald Heads

Growing Bald Heads

Funny Cheech and Chong Growing Marijuana

Cheech  and Chong Growing Marijuana
Member reactions:
Nice job on selecting the boys from the original background.

Funny Growing Violence

Growing Violence
Drug violence growing With drug-related violence along the U.S.-Mexico border growing more deadly, the United States is willing to consider deploying troops to the Southwest...
Member reactions:
Extremely powerful work AZ. Congrats on the wood.
rain this is amazing .. the full view..whoaah.. congratsss
Nice work... powerful message. Drugs and violence, the scourge of our modern society. One of the reasons I left the big city and headed for the hills.
Gr8 work sad message
It's been a while since Rain got woody, . Congrats mate.
Freaking creepy and right to the point... Nice work AZ

Funny Grown


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