Neanderthal from Indian Americans ethnic group
Neanderthal from Indian Americans ethnic group
Neanderthal from Indian Americans ethnic group. Elizabeth Warren has "Indian Americans" roots..
Member reactions:
Actually... she has gray roots. And I'd bet not one of them are Indian. (: Nice work with the old fossil.
Thanks. Actually I tried to block chest in case FN rules policy
Nice work Hidden Splat, You have more NDN blood than she does.
She is "Indian American" from her words. She can be from any ethnic group if it helps her in 2020 presidential campaign.
I am a card carrying Cherokee, she is nothing more than a "Wannabe" that has been outed.
sorry, double post
Unfortunately we have quantity limits in contest. I will add Joe Biden and Maxine Waters for sure to Neanderthals collection.

Funny the Blue Dog Group

the Blue Dog Group
Appearing in Las Vegas for two weeks at the Bellagio Casino.

Funny Blue Man Group Free Tibet Protest

Blue Man Group Free Tibet Protest
This show is on fire.
Member reactions:
Excellent work, and thanks for reminding of Blue Man Group.

Funny Ellen's Oscars Group Selfie Without Noses

Ellen's Oscars Group Selfie Without Noses
While not the best quality selfie, it's still worth the nose job.

Funny Female Pink Rock Group

Female Pink Rock Group
Please watch with sound Ez HTML
Member reactions:
They really rocks.... good to see them in a new avatars
Cool work, neatly merged all faces to the Rockstars, nice colors and grate makeover really musical :-B
That is a hundred different kinds of awesome. Perhaps only Kids incorporated or Menudo could have been more awesome, and I'm not even sure about those. Nice job...

Funny The Pink Man Group

The Pink Man Group
Member reactions:
Great to see all the faces in pink and the spill over could also be made pink which would be better :

Funny The Pink Men Group

The Pink Men Group
Member reactions:
Whoa LoL Tho I think I prefer them this shade.

Funny Barack Obama Singing Group

Barack Obama Singing Group
They are Level Headed Thanks to Grace Jones and Brock Lesnar
Member reactions:
Lol. I guess maybe I didn't understand the premise of the contest... it seems to fit the criteria for both though Kellie...
Nah u got it right I was just being (trying) funny
A modern version of the three stooges.....Funny

Funny Old Earth Wind and Fire Group

Old Earth Wind and Fire Group
Old Group With A New Name
Member reactions:
The "Fiber" gives new meaning to the "Wind" part also.
Actually, Philip,Verdine & the guys looked pretty good on David Foster's 'Return of the Hitman' PBS video. They look pretty 'regular' to me with respect to their lifestyle and all those years.

Funny Metallica - A Group Caricature

Metallica - A Group Caricature
Source Photo
Member reactions:
Outstanding Job have to Agree with Goat My Fav Band 2
ooohhh, long time no see,what a golden time, beautiful piece.
great my friend
This looks like the next cover of the Rolling Stone magazine. Totally professional work.
Congratulations RWP. No surprise who is King-of-the Caricature.
Congrats on the gold rwpike...excellent work.
Congrats. I roll with the goat,my fav to.

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