Mating Groundhog
Mating Groundhog
Mating Groundhog. . Member reactions:
ohh haha ... dont burn her leg mr. groundhog .
Oh boy, she should have read the sign.Hilarious.
I think he says: caution, this chick belongs to me. Love it.
a gal in the woods dressed like that, ol' Mr Groundhog may need six more weeks of penicillin. ain't kiddin'. Good one.
Crack up every time I look at this one
Thanks, blooddiamond...Thanks, JustinPhx...Thanks, macwithfries...Thanks, Kratos.
congrats. still chuckling when i look at this one.
congratsss pcrdds ,,, hes very cute and sure knows what hes doing.... Oui Oui .
rolling on the floor with laughter...the dogs must be training them.
Thanks, Evirio...thanks Rainman...thanks Hitspinner...thanks BRAW...thanks Sunshin3.
Congrats on the bronze, a bonus you get a ticket to France and a cool French cap.
Thanks, Newsy. Can I trade my ticket to France for one to Hawaii and a Lei.
ring. ring...."Call on 'Leg-1' for Pepe Le Pew." Congrats.

Funny Frozen Groundhog

Frozen Groundhog
. Member reactions:
Very nice pic, high on the cute level, and looks fantastic..
Freaking brilliant I say.Love these facial expressions.
Lots of neat details in this one. Excellent.
Silver congrats, miemepreemie. Well done. Lots of great elements here.
thanks Kellie Newsy.. .. pcrdd.... marin..... mac ,, Kratosssss and hii peg nice to see you thanks
Congrats on the silver, Pree. Magnificent win chop, one of your best yet.
It's excellent. my favorite. Congrats on the silver.

Funny Mother Groundhog and Baby

Mother Groundhog and Baby
. Member reactions:
Quick. Run after the carriage, mom. Very cute.
Very clean and cute work. But the normal gravity should make the clothes hang vertically rather than at this angle
Newsy you have right, I changed...thank you so much and thank too Mr. P.
You are welcome.Great edit
Pegleg yes I think he is looking like a groundpiglet lool, thanks a lot to everybody.
Sunshin3b really great...i love how shes looking off in the distance thinking ,, "what are other groundhogs doing this fine day."..
Congrats on the woody.Good realistic touch.
Thank you so much to everybody for congrats, I am glad you like it

Funny Sarah Palin Kills a Groundhog

Sarah Palin Kills a Groundhog
. Member reactions:
Ha ha ha. Punxsutawney fill ya full of lead.
Dayum...Shes got a balcony you can do Shakespeare from.

Funny Army Groundhog with Rocket

Army Groundhog with Rocket
he's ready 2 destroy the enemy.. Member reactions:
Excellent. His prediction is... 6 more weeks of war Wish the image were bigger though - it's only 665 pixels wide in full view
, cool details on the smoke there
You did an awesome job for just one hour, keep it up.

Funny Groundhog Cook

Groundhog Cook
. Member reactions:
This works LoL

Funny Family Riding a Groundhog

Family Riding a Groundhog
. Member reactions:
Cleverly done (although it might show us ruling groundhogs rather than them ruling us).

Funny Groundhog Ruler

Groundhog Ruler
. Member reactions:
Very coool..congrats.
I dono WHAT that is . But its Just....AWESOME .. Nice Work Yoo ..

Funny GroundHoG Ghetto

GroundHoG Ghetto
Dem Hogs aint got no chance in deez streetz.. Member reactions:
I really like this job.
Nice image... I don't like what he's doing tho...congrats on the wood.

Funny Evil Groundhogs

Evil Groundhogs
"This year they saw more then they're shadow". Member reactions:
Awesome work jman, you're the MAN..congrats on the bronze.

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