Groundhog at Home Seeing His Shadow
Groundhog at Home Seeing His Shadow
Groundhog at Home Seeing His Shadow. Member reactions:
So cute pinky pig with Naughty Rodent... good work on the huge shadow
humm,,, "Shadows for Dummies" ya say. I wonder what this hidden chopper is trying to say. Perhaps in chapter 4 the book will talk about not forgetting the rodent's hat / or pig, which ever that big shadow on the curtain belongs to.
Piggy should produce shadows ont he chair too.
And this little piggy went wOOT wOOt wOOt all the way home.
Cool beans. Congrats on the wood, Hobbit.

Funny Groundhog Eggs

Groundhog Eggs

Funny Short and Long Necked Groundhogs

Short and Long Necked Groundhogs

Funny Groundhog in a Bouguereau Painting

Groundhog in a Bouguereau Painting

Funny Groundhog Queen in Space

Groundhog Queen in Space
thanks for your votes and comments friends
Member reactions:
Pretty cool medieval angle here. Love how you did the groundhog queen's hair. Not too sure about the glass helmets, I think the chop would look even better without them.
Good mix of characters. Strange but is like any dream.
The Aliens are also impressed with the Queen Ground Hog.... very pretty and well composed
Congrats on the bronze, Elegary. You are on a roll.
This is very cool... Some real creative source selection and composition. Def deserves a cup... congrats
Elegary congratulations on the Bronze...

Funny Groundhog Smelling a Babies Diaper

Groundhog Smelling a Babies Diaper
If Groundhogs Ruled ,,they would pull little humans out of their homes ,and if they had a Stinky diaper there would be 45 days till spring :/
Member reactions:
There would be 45 days of snow, yellow snow... Great work.
That's what happen when you frighten a baby
ha ha.... good way to represent the green wave of stink flowing over the air
Thanks the contest was a gas.
Hahahahah That is just wrong. Cracked me up. Lots of work pree. Pretty good job on the paws. I always dread trying to make animal hands actually look like functioning appendages rather than stuck on stick figures that look like stuck on stick figures. Nicely done and congrats on the cup, sorry I got in the way, I mean, I'm not real sorry, but sort of sorry. oh heck I here squealing like a little girl hehe. Stay warm young lady. There is a brutal mess heading your way. We're right in the middle of it, mud, muck, snow ewwwyucky mucky.
yes hits hard to find nice nice groundhog hands And I love the competition....

Funny Groundhog Smoking a Cigar

Groundhog Smoking a Cigar
Member reactions:
Very well done, looks like an old big boss
Very clever.... he looks almost my grandfather... who used to hold stick and pipe with cap awesome pose shown here
Congrats on the wood, Mr. Black. Great to see you back
Should be titled the Dapper Dueler . Nicely well done BX. Congrats
Black ... He quite the Gent.. Congrats..

Funny Groundhog Soldier in Uniform

Groundhog Soldier in Uniform
See Large please
Member reactions:
A pleasure to watch, many very good ones in this contest
Wonderful execution. The pin is not necessary to the representation. Vertigo chop
Fantastic work... Being a soldier is really an amazing look given to the poor ground hog here it looks terrific and brave
, so many comments, Thank you rajeshstar, Krish, Luciano, Disasterman,JimShorts, and Armatien.
Humbly bows, and I thank you Pree, Wanderer, Newsey, Anton, Gummy.... I should tip my hat to Funkwood and give some credit, this is in part inspired by his style.

Funny Barack Obama's Groundhog Brain

Barack Obama's Groundhog Brain
What do you mean IF groundhogs ruled the world....
Member reactions:
Sorry I don't buy this. If this were the case the Groundhog would be doing a much better job.
Freaking excellent. Gummy.
Excellent thinking Must have the same in your mind hidden..Nice idea
Ha, ha, there is a reason for everything .
This is the secrete behind the Obamacare scheme going around US. The brain behind ObamaCare... Poor Obama
I just don't know how you could disrespect a groundhog like this. Shame on it all.
Ahhhhhhhh great idea. Funny. Could easily place with O's face in focus

Funny Pope Groundhog

Pope Groundhog
Member reactions:
Impressive work. Thought I'd increase the overall brightness a tad, lowering contrast some
A dignified look given to the Groundhog good one

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