Ground Hog Water World
Ground Hog Water World
Ground Hog Water World.

Funny Ground Hogs

Ground Hogs

Funny Lyin In The Ground, Trump

Lyin In The Ground, Trump
Cruz gets last laugh. Lyin Trump, in the ground
Member reactions:
TY Gummy, John, Andrew, Luciano and Hobbit.
Congrats on the comeback, colorful. 😀
Loved this chop,congrats on the gold Hits
Absolute from me love it love it love it.
As always, great job done, love the face on Cruz, congrats on the win.
Thank you Newsy, Hobbit, Layers, Andwhat, Champ, DD and Bob.

Funny Ground Control to David Bowie

Ground Control to David Bowie

Funny Brian Williams at Ground Zero

Brian Williams at Ground Zero
Member reactions:
Awesome look... good buildup background... well done
Ha ha ha, this is the best claim he must do, that may be logical though
Overall very well execute. I'm not sure proportions are correctly respected.
Congratulations. The Firemen look like they're having too good a time.

Funny Elephant Squashing a Guy Into the Ground

Elephant Squashing a Guy Into the Ground
Member reactions:
i dont teach this...if needed much practice then who will be apperantice

Funny Under Ground Street Painter

Under Ground Street Painter
Member reactions:
Funny.. why he struggling to paint from the manhole

Funny Woman in a Green Dress Lying on the Ground at Sunset

Woman in a Green Dress Lying on the Ground at Sunset
Member reactions:
Excellent rays of light in circular format falling over her Lovely lady on the grass
You took my words can explain it.. Lovely

Funny Man Levitating Off the Ground

Man Levitating Off the Ground
Hey Lady. bet you can't do this.
Member reactions:
i think this one is the most creative. didn't take a bunch of crazy crap like mine. it's far more respectable in it's simplicity.
Haha He looks floating and the shadow .... very funny

Funny People Escaping Under Ground

People Escaping Under Ground

Funny Sinking Ground

Sinking Ground
Our thirst for drinking water is causing severe subsidence in many areas around the world, putting them at risk of flooding. But some communities are trying to solve the problem. From Miami to Jakarta, coastal communities around the world are battling the effects of sea level rise. But in some places, the problem is exacerbated by another phenomenon: the land is falling. The Indonesian capital, for example, is sinking up to 17cm (6.7 inches) per year. “That’s an issue, because they’re right at sea level,” says Michelle Sneed, a land subsidence specialist at the US Geological Survey (USGS). “They have this added pressure of increased flooding and sea level rise. They built seawalls. But the city is subsiding so quickly that, at high tides, water just pours over.” Create images of land that has sunk! Show the effects of flooding due to the sea level rising! PLEASE NOTE: LIMIT 3 ENTRIES PER PLAYER. For more on this story Visit This Link

Funny Under the Ground

Under the Ground
The whole world is watching as in Chile, the 33 miners are being rescued after spending more than two months under the ground. One-by-one they are emerging via a capsule that is being sent up and down to carry them to the surface. The miners agreed to write a book about how they spent 69 days under the ground. One of the trapped miners - the shift supervisor - said that he had read the survival guide book by Luis Urzua which really helped him keep his men calm and ration their food, before contact was made with the outside world. "We also were working out, which really helped our bodies and and kept our spirits up;" he added, - "although it's an interesting question: If you were trapped half a mile underground, would you work out or say the hell with it?" Photoshop what objects may be trapped, hidden, or located under the ground.

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