President Grope
President Grope
President Grope. Source News
Member reactions:
Trump's hair's wrong, but I like all the hands.
Oh my God, this is so darn good, Congrats on the win, Love it.
Congrats on the silver, clean composite work, excellent lighting and shadow.
Congrats, Mr.Hits. Happy to see you back.
Thank you Andrew, Bob, Champ, Hobbit, Luciano and Crafty

Funny Prince Harry Groping Queen Elizabeth

Prince Harry Groping Queen Elizabeth
The Sun
Member reactions:
Royal Hug Quality, brilliance, and hilarity - all three in this chop.
Very well done. Great work on the facial expressions. The image doesn't really need a border it distracts the eye from your GREAT work.
Great Facework. GOod ol' Queen Elizabeth, *sigh* only action she's seen in decades comes from ol' Prince Henry
if you cincentrate on hers left side, you will see the devil...
The Queen's face w/ Cheney's smile. .....
Maybe he has inherited some of Henry VIII's genes. Henry VIII had red hair and was a devil with the ladies.
Hey, Ray, welcome back, and congrats on a great comeback entry. Gold well earned
Thank you all for your comments. Long live the Queen.

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