Yoda Dueling the Groom at a Wedding
Yoda Dueling the Groom at a Wedding
Yoda Dueling the Groom at a Wedding. Member reactions:
Now the fight begins from the outer-space
Bronze and Woody, Congrats, LucianoMorelli.
Ha, I thought this would grab a cup. Well done Luciano.

Funny Groom Protecting his Bride from a Dinosaur

Groom Protecting his Bride from a Dinosaur
Member reactions:
Fantastic thought here, very well managed to put lady on the other side

Funny Dinosaur Dog Grooming

Dinosaur Dog Grooming
Member reactions:
Hmmm...once again I'm totally stumped as to who might have done this. Great job, "hidden."
This is too cool
Excellent style of personal groomming studio for these creature like the way the girl is helping this creature to look more better
Brilliant chop, so clear and neat work, I like Doggies fur and great color..its $$ work
Thanks everyone ... I cant imagine grooming such a creature....

Funny Groom Taken by Shark

Groom Taken by Shark
Member reactions:
The priest rightly said "until death do us part..."
Thank you so much Newsy, hope everybody who voted don't mind I made some changes to the pic.
I like the edited version even better. - more centrally composed - feels more dynamic.
OMG. Were we in a dark mood, sunshin hahahahahahahahahaha. Wild chop.. ackackackack Newsey
Thanks Hit. Dark moods release creativity
And thanks too Newsy, glad you like the final-final version
Liked it from the start because you went out on a limb.

Funny Girls Animal Grooming School

Girls Animal Grooming School
Member reactions:
Classic stuff
Freaking hilarious concept. The sheep's feet masking could use more work

Funny Jack Black The Groom

Jack Black The Groom
All Dressed Up For The Big 40,Have A Good One Jack
Member reactions:
This is top chopping all the way in a standard of AZ or Funkwood I think. It will do very well I predict.
Thank You Doxieone and Hitspinner I appreciate It Very Much
Great choice of sources and clean blending work
Silver congrats, Superman. You are on a roll, sir.
really great work superman congrats on the silver and keep up top chops friend

Funny Bride Looking For the Groom in a Brothel

Bride Looking For the Groom in a Brothel

Funny Bride and Groom Children

Bride and Groom Children
Member reactions:
Totally works and might even be good for a stock period photo if you ever want to list it. You have a little clean up on the couch mask, a little pixelation halo but thats a few seconds. I like this very much
Superb vintage take on this photo. Looks real too.
Congrats on the woody, faery.. great image.

Funny Cobra Groom at an Indian Wedding

Cobra Groom at an Indian Wedding
Charmed woman marries cobra in India
Member reactions:
creative and nicely done.
You want to do what tonight.
"Oh darling I would love some snake shoes"
your husband is a snake in the grass dear...
Always keep a leg up on him he tends to have hisssssssssssssssy fits.
And this happened in the news that week... I must've missed that on the news...

Funny Alien Groom and his Human Bride

Alien Groom and his Human Bride
Member reactions:
"we are looking forward to hatching our 15 children soon"
And he's much better looking than my first husband.
So what if he isn't good looking. His love making is "out of this world."
... Good one.
Are those sunglasses or are you just happy to see me.

Funny Horse Grooming

Horse Grooming
This Friday we continue our freaking experiment with provided source images. Photoshop this horse grooming image any way you wish. Some examples are - making this horse or girl perform some stunts, making the girl groom some other animal, designing a poster with this horse grooming image, putting the horse or a girl into some new environment, movies, paintings, etc. These are just some ideas. Many thanks to Renaude Hatsedakis and Stock Exchange for providing this photo.

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