True Grit
True Grit
True Grit. Member reactions:
Love the Wild Bunch background, Hidden. Caricature tweaking/color matching, awesome.
A crowd favorite and Silver Cup winner. Congrats Fugit, pinkies a great touch.
Congrats on the Silver, Fugit. Really like the caricature work here.

Funny T-Rex in True Grit

T-Rex in True Grit
Member reactions:
Great job. ... nice touch with the pterodactyl. Might be cool if you added Rooster's signature eye patch.
Cool. Congrats on the Gold. Perhaps make his hand at least green.
i think it's a glove bob. excellent work, funkwood. keep 'm coming.

Funny True Grit Abstract Movie Poster

True Grit Abstract Movie Poster
Member reactions:
This is brilliant chop, interesting workaround with fence snake and all
Great job...excellent work on the wood and the sky with dusk lighting.... and the Blood spills is awesome... Nice poster
Quality work, funkster. Congrats on the gold.

Funny True Grit Horse Drawn Buggy

True Grit Horse Drawn Buggy
Member reactions:
Very nicely done...great shadow work, too.

Funny Toy Grit

Toy Grit
Member reactions:
Freaking perfect but you need to resize it. It wont blow up and I want to see it full.
Beautificent work. Shame the image is not bigger though (even in full view)
Thanks Deaddog, pcrdds, Enviro, mrmo2 and Newsy. Deaddog and Newsy- I uploaded a larger version TY.
And the Oscar goes to "TOY GRIT"....wonderful chop
Thanks for the bigger version - looks great. Full View = Full Experience. Yee Haaaw.
It's fantastic Idea and Great Edit. 100 from me.
Thank you D-Man, Hoorenazer, Kirrish and Newsy
Gold congrats, Mr. X...keep going. Bwahahahah.
Congrats Xaos. By far my favorite chop in a long time. A perfect blend of real and animated........ freaking loved it.
TY kellie, LoL PC.. and thanks again. Glad you enjoyed it DeadDog, thank you.
I don't like it. I really don't. ok, i do...
YOU stole my idea...copied it. SHAME... I'll expect a check for MY the way, it deserves to win, it's beautiful. I hate people that can draw........
And the Oscar goes to... Chaos. Congrats.
Kinda late to comment, but that's a gorgeous piece. Good to see you Xman.
Pretty Cooooool...waaw awesome workk congrats .

Funny True Grit

True Grit
Member reactions:
Bronze congrats, doodydog. Way to go, Dude.
Great masking job DeadDog. Congrats on the bronze.

Funny John Wayne in True Grit

John Wayne in True Grit

Funny Jessie in True Grit

Jessie in True Grit
"Such language. Do all men who have 'true grit' talk like that."

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