Trey Gowdy Grills Hillary Clinton
Trey Gowdy Grills Hillary Clinton
Trey Gowdy Grills Hillary Clinton. The HildaBeast Gets Grilled
Member reactions:
This is so strange I am going to have to drink a scotch hahahahahahahahaah.
Coming from you, I'll take that as a compliment.

Funny Barack Obama Gets Grilled By Bill O'Reilly

Barack Obama Gets Grilled By Bill O'Reilly
O'Reilly Interviews Barack Obama Obama denies any wrongdoing and even blames Fox News for promoting false stories. Someone has been smoking something, huh.
Member reactions:
Awesome bi-partisan view on Fox News, hahaha.
Crazy news.... Obama might be forgotten that he is smoking that cigarette good caricature
Fantastic work done Nicely done with the smokeQuality work..
Both caricatures are great.Overall an excellent job.
Congrats for the gold pcrdds. Wish I had seen the interview.
Thanks, az. Thanks, Elegary. Thanks, Bob. Thanks, Mr. Black.
Awesome win Dr. P.. Sorry I'm late to congratulate..

Funny Man Sleeping on a Grill

Man Sleeping on a Grill
Member reactions:
many things that have been confusing to people will become clear once he get a Hot-Fork-Barbe-Q
very hilarious this may be his last sleep
Bronze for BF too - woo hoo. Congrats again.
Double Bronze congrats, BF. Made me laugh out loud.
Feeling like chopping in hot colors lately. Hahahah gross and funny, it doesn't get better than that Congrats on the double cups

Funny Vegetarian Green Grilled Steak

Vegetarian Green Grilled Steak
Member reactions:
Ya'd need an iron stomach to eat this...well done on the grossness factor
, I aint ordering this one. Well maybe on St. Patrick's day

Funny Lamborghini with a Oven and Grill

Lamborghini with a Oven and Grill
If Nokia sells a $25,000 Ferrari phone, Lamborghini can sell specialized home appliances embedded into the cars. (Please try full view)
Member reactions:
Cool Phone, how much horse power does it have..

Funny Dell Laptop Grill

Dell Laptop Grill

Funny Tyson Grill

Tyson Grill
In a very blatant rip-off, Mike Tyson enters the bald-headed-ex-boxer indoor-electric-grill-machine market.
Member reactions:
Take a big bite out of an ear... of my famous Tyson-grilled-corn-on-the-cob, that is. hehehe Itth's Outthtanding.
What can I say. How about.... Brilliant.
Very nice text work. Very creative entry.

Funny Bar and Grill

Bar and Grill
"The Freaks come out at night," "The Freaks come out at niiiight."
Member reactions:
This is one of my favorites. I saw it when I first started and I didn't even realize it was a chop.

Funny Last Supper Grill

Last Supper Grill
It's the Leonardo Da Vinci Lean Mean Fat Reducing Grilling Machine.
Member reactions:
Favourites Clickety Click, Well thought, excelent theme and on the execution.

Funny Golden Grill Ape

Golden Grill Ape

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