Lighter Grenade
Lighter Grenade
Lighter Grenade.

Funny Grenade Golf Ball

Grenade Golf Ball
Member reactions:
The game that started with a blast. Good one

Funny Lemming with a Grenade

Lemming with a Grenade
These little critters live in colonies that are mazes of tunnels and passageways through the tundra in the arctic. please give some advise if you have some. Thanks.

Funny John McCain in the Oval Ofice with a Grenade

John McCain in the Oval Ofice with a Grenade
Member reactions:
Shoes + grenade + nuke mushroom = great work.
You've gotta check out full view for the Rhino's LoL Beautifully brought together.
Fantastic. Very realistic looking. One nit: You might consider editing the worn spots on the bottom of his boots so they aren't mirror images of each other.
Nah, showing too much wear would ruin the effect of the rhino stamps. Love the chin stitches, too. Funny stuff and great composition.
LunaC, the worn spots are actually stamped Rhinos as in RINO. You can see them easily in full size.
Wonderful image Rain. Congrats on the silver. Too funny.
Congrats AZ, I had no idea this was your work. I should've scored u higher, but i found something eerily disturbing about this pic.... hope it's not a premonition
makes sense now .crisp pixels great color.. unbelievable expressions. tells a story.... its azrainman's photochop soup mix congratulations.
Can't believe I didn't see the Rhinos til you mentioned them. As for my earlier critique.....NEVERMIND. Beautiful job.

Funny Baby Grenade Toy

Baby Grenade Toy

Funny Mr Potato Head Grenade

Mr Potato Head Grenade
It all started with a grenade Please view full Pull the pin, wait for the bang, then try to find all the pieces. While you're at it, you can try to find the pieces of the toy too.
Member reactions:
Nice idea, I can see this is action
Buy one now - your baby will have a blast.

Funny Grenade Spray

Grenade Spray

Funny Grenade Maracas

Grenade Maracas

Funny Grenade Eggs

Grenade Eggs
Member reactions:
Works in the same principle - it blows off and only shell remains

Funny Martyrshka Doll Grenades

Martyrshka Doll Grenades
Member reactions:
Great idea & well done, the teddy pile joining the black area's a little abrupt but other than that a good job
Now this is one doll I would not want to mess with haha - great idea
Good entry. Nice job matching the source image and box perspective.

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