Mahnoud Ahmadinejad Playing Soccer with a Grenade
Mahnoud Ahmadinejad Playing Soccer with a Grenade
Mahnoud Ahmadinejad Playing Soccer with a Grenade. Member reactions:
Sharp looking grenade, Now if only Mahmoud would try it out..
this is a freaky job to play with grenade funny
Love this idea

Funny The Orange Grenade

The Orange Grenade

Funny Explosive Lemon Grenade

Explosive Lemon Grenade
All sources from stock.xchng, especially: "Lemon..." by nksz
Member reactions:
good job, shadows look kind of strange though
Very nice work but I would make the slices lemon shadow black. Love all the details...creative work.
Most excellently crafted . . . I'll take mine with a "shot" of tequila
The Lemon shadow is black & what is in the BG is a real grenade to add emphasis to the lemon being an actual grenade also...well that's my opinion
Thanks everyone for your kind comments. The blurred black thing in the bg is the granade on which my work is based - it's a good contrast on the elsewhere bright image and intensifies the left border of the "lemon" (yellow on white doesn't worked for me). The shadows / reflections are from the lemon soure by the way.
Congrats on the win, Tom. Great to see you again.
awesomeness; i miss seeing the art by the "old school masters" - like yourself - from yesteryears. : )

Funny Grenade X'mas Tree

Grenade X'mas Tree
Member reactions:
LoL this wks
- How was your Christmas. - Great. We had a blast. So well blended, it almost seems like normal X-mas tree at the first look.
Just Brilliant Idea and Execution. Congrats
Dangerous tree .Lol, good idea...congrats on the bronze.

Funny Battery Grenade Battle Pack

Battery Grenade Battle Pack
Member reactions:
This "gang" looks alive. That's some solid evolution step here. Luv it. Hope these folks are safe though, cops often arrest them for battery
Like HS said, the colours are just Amazing.
thanks guys. Newsy.
Thanks PC. Thanks everyone. much appreciated.
Congrats. your chop shine like the gold you desserve
Excellent work, love the idea. Congrats on the gold..
Congrats on the win, X-man. Explosive chop, you chopped it with care.

Funny Dennis Hopper Cyborg Throwing a Grenade

Dennis Hopper Cyborg Throwing a Grenade

Funny Elins Revenge - Golf Ball Grenade

Elins Revenge - Golf Ball Grenade

Funny Hamster with a Grenade

Hamster with a Grenade

Funny Olympic Grenade Toss

Olympic Grenade Toss

Funny Grenade BaseBall

Grenade  BaseBall
Better hit this one out of the park.. Check out full..
Member reactions:
Homerun blast.
Nice...The grenade probably should be the sharpest image, since it seems to be the focal point
DDB you know i debated that for about an hour before i put it up. I originally had the same idea to make it sharp but the original baseball in the image was really blurred. But I made the change. Hope it helps.
I understand what you're saying. I didn't take that into account, maybe you could put a slight blur trail behind (on the right side) it to show movement
Ahh Fudge.
why ahh fudge. You still have twenty plus hours to add to
Well arnt I dumb ... third time is a charm.
Very nice. I agree with DDB, the grenade is the point of interest and has to be the sharpest point of the whole image. By the way: I want that lens that shows a sharp foreground, a blurried middle and a sharp background Very good and creative image though.
Looks great. There's no rulesm just whateve looks cool. See second entry using faded frames for even another option.
The sport where you win only once... but with a blast.
Nice finish out of so many entries. I think it's a pretty respectable position
NM. Yeah DDB, this was a hard contest to predict the finish line-up. This chop could have won on cleverness alone.

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