AMC Gremlin
AMC Gremlin
AMC Gremlin. Source

Funny Gremlin's on Valentine's Day

Gremlin's on Valentine's Day
Valentines Day Mogwai Love
Member reactions:
They make a great couple, awesome idea, Deb.
Very romantic, Debbie. Congrats on top 5.

Funny Donald Trump the Gremlin Eating Jeb Bush

Donald Trump the Gremlin Eating Jeb Bush
That time Donald Trump was parodied in Gremlins
Member reactions:
nice chop and all but, bush's neck parts really need to be the same color & texture as his face.
Looks like a left hand where a right hand should be.
Fabolus job done... excellent work done on the face
Would be perfect if the Donald's eyes and mouth were sharper, but it's still fantastic.

Funny Creature Terror Gremlins

Creature Terror Gremlins
Member reactions:
Cutting could be mor accurate. Otherwise very good entry.
Sorry but Gremlins is a children's movie. Rated PG.
Slowly but surely I hone my craft, note my early stuff and you will be asalted by cutting abuse to abuse your eyes.

Funny The Princess and the Gremlin Digital Art

The Princess and the Gremlin Digital Art
I received a digital art book for Christmas so I studied how to draw fantasy art, including creatures like this gremlin. It was fun to do the gremlin because I never did anything like this before. Hope you like it, digital art
Member reactions:
Well done... like the drawing of the beast and the beauty
This one is one of my favorites of yours .
I am with Armatien - my absolute favorite of your chops so far.

Funny Steven Spielberg's Gremlins to Kremlins

Steven Spielberg's Gremlins to Kremlins
The Gift of the Mogwai
Member reactions:
Hahaha....that cracks me up
nice work Steeplechase , you do great in this site alot off great talent you have

Funny Santa in Gremlins

Santa in Gremlins

Funny Gremlin Dog

Gremlin Dog
Member reactions:
Hey who stole my puppy
So does look like your puppy kellie

Funny Gremlin Teddy Bear

Gremlin Teddy Bear
Not so cute Teddy..

Funny Gremlin Monster by Bouguereau

Gremlin Monster by Bouguereau
Source by Bouguereau

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