Greek 100 EURO
Greek 100 EURO
Greek 100 EURO.

Funny Greek Piano

Greek Piano

Funny Greek Guards Marching

Greek Guards Marching
Member reactions:
Cant stop my laugh, rolling in the gutter with fart
the guard in the hole has a different thinking
The guard in the hole is my favorite part. Subtle but genius concept.
Such a cool concept and execution... very nice work.

Funny Greek Goddess Digital Art

Greek Goddess Digital Art
This is one unhappy Greek Goddess. She has just discovered that her temple is in ruins.

Funny Greek Sale of the Century

Greek Sale of the Century
Member reactions:
That's probably the most realistic way to go out of the Italian crisis.

Funny Greek Aid Poster

Greek Aid Poster
I'd Like to be at that Concert.
Member reactions:
Great, like how uv extended the orig & made it so much yours...colours a wicked.
Actually, a Greek Woodstock wouldn't hurt and would attract tourists with money. Good idea.

Funny Pi Symbol on Old Greek Coin

Pi Symbol on Old Greek Coin

Funny Greek Statue Sand Sculpture on the Beach

Greek Statue Sand Sculpture on the Beach
Member reactions:
i would like to see a yellow polka dot bikini, thank you.
I came across a onine store to sell bikins. Anyone wants. Evirio Nice Work, by the way.
Good job. She mist be a gentle fragile women, that easily falls into pieces
you bikini guys.

Funny PI Sign in Greek Architecture

PI Sign in Greek Architecture
I'd no time to submit this image in the "Pi Day" contest. I want to show this here
Member reactions:
Wooowww...very nice job. Creative and clean, congrats.
Good work, Mr. H. I have a late entry here, as well, so I know your pain.
Glad to see you got it into the freakshow, Kadath. Cool idea. Doxi, you thought this was mine.
Great piece, could have won a trophy in the Pi contest.
unfortunately i arrived after... sigh

Funny Greek Landscape

Greek Landscape

Funny Greek Statue

Greek Statue
Photoshop ancient Greek statue image any way you wish. Examples may include giving the statue a paint-job, changing its haircut, clothes, including this Greel Statue in paintings, or making it interact with another statue. Thanks to Stock Exchange for providing the source image.

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