Greece Crisis
Greece Crisis
Greece Crisis. Greece Crisis
Member reactions:
This is an awesome way of expressing the Greece Financial crises
Congrats on the silver, Loth. Fixed the link for you too.
I like so much the euro as the disc . congratz

Funny Greece Property for Sale

Greece Property for Sale
Greece has troubles
Member reactions:
Splendid. Hey, who is the guy using the loo.
Nice work... good supportive chop to the news entry good one specially the Loo one
Paul, Congrats 3rd, 4th and 5th place in the contest. High quality job as usual.
Master work caricature . With the empty pockets so funny .

Funny Hey Greece! Hey Presto!

Hey Greece! Hey Presto!
Member reactions:
Very clever, but please load pictures at least 800 pixels wide. The original you loaded is less than 600 pixels wide and thus the system had to enlarge to to fit the contest format, which resulted in loss of resolution quality.

Funny Holidays in Greece

Holidays in Greece

Funny Greece Debt Discussion

Greece Debt Discussion
Greek economy is bleeding 600 jobs a day, 22m in GDP
Member reactions:
Lot of work... but well managed good one

Funny After Greece vote

After Greece vote
Member reactions:
Give them time and things will return in place.
Nice work on the blood spills all over good one
Top 5 congrats loth,very clever and creative
Congrats on top 5, Loth. Honestly I think this is brilliant.

Funny Greece euro

Greece euro
Member reactions:
Very funny and actual. Anyway, I'm sure they will not leave euro
This is wonderful, I have no idea how it was done. Amazing skill,

Funny Greece Bankrupt

Greece Bankrupt
Greek Prime Minister George "Snidley" Papandreou, is scramling for help. news source: Greek premier struggles to end political deadlock
Member reactions:
George is a real troublemaker. Nice chop.

Funny George Michael in Greece

George Michael in Greece
george michael in rock in greece a charity concert
Member reactions:
Great satire. George's new hit single should be called "It's all Greek to Me."

Funny Papandreou's Greece Telethon

Papandreou's Greece Telethon
Member reactions:
and this is the winner entry(it's only my opinion) for me it's perfect, light texture, details, COOL work
Congrats AZ, nice work especially the banner.
Golden congrats, awesome and perfect done.
Thanks all and here's the theme song
Congrats Rain. I was thinking that it would be cool to attach music to chops just the other day. Nice combo
Congrats RainMan awesome art.. great video haha..
Fabulous work, fabulous win. Congrats, AZ.

Funny Save Greece!

Save Greece!
Greece is on the verge of financial default that may collapse the euro. Analysts say that if Greece is unable to get the next portion of the loan, the default will cause a domino effect in other areas of the euro zone. Investors worry that default in Greece or Portugal would hurt not only the European banks who hold their debt but also the U.S. money market funds that have invested heavily in those banks' high-yielding, short-term paper. Help save Greece from financial default by showing creative ways for Greece to raise money for repaying its loan, or show some methods for spending cuts in Greece.

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