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Funny Greece Pictures

Greece BankruptFunny Greece Bankrupt
Member reactions:
Greek Prime Minister George "Snidley" Papandreou, is scramling for help. news source: Greek premier struggles to end political deadlock
George is a real troublemaker. Nice chop.

George Michael in GreeceFunny George Michael in Greece
Member reactions:

george michael in rock in greece a charity concert
Great satire. George's new hit single should be called "It's all Greek to Me."

Papandreou`s Greece TelethonFunny Papandreou`s Greece Telethon
Member reactions:

and this is the winner entry(it's only my opinion) for me it's perfect, light texture, details, COOL work
Congrats AZ, nice work especially the banner.
Golden congrats, awesome and perfect done.
Thanks all and here's the theme song
Congrats Rain. I was thinking that it would be cool to attach music to chops just the other day. Nice combo
Congrats RainMan awesome art.. great video haha..
Fabulous work, fabulous win. Congrats, AZ.

China Buys GreeceFunny China Buys Greece
Member reactions:

"The Chinese are the only guys around with enough cash to spend on those old Greeks... They've bought everything else around the globe."

Greece Tourism on Floating IslandsFunny Greece Tourism on Floating Islands
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McDonalds in GreeceFunny McDonalds in Greece
Member reactions:

I think they'd surely raise some good money this way. Congrats on the wood, GRM.

Paris Hilton Using Economy Travel in GreeceFunny Paris Hilton Using Economy Travel in Greece
Member reactions:

Aint the first time she's had a toy between,,, Oh wait, This is Freaking News. Funny Chop.
HEEEEEY HoHouse. Congratulations-loved this one.
Hey Ho, way to go. Suprised no Tavolta pics were in the top 3
Congrats HoHouse. nice to see you on the podium.
Good entertainment here. Congrats on the bronze, HoHouse.

Grease the Musical in GreeceFunny Grease the Musical in Greece
Member reactions:

Live at the Parthenon, most of the original cast with a special surprise guest. Tickets starting at 1,500,000
I got chills.... they're multiplying... good chop.

Save Money for GreeceFunny Save Money for Greece
Member reactions:

Violence in GreeceFunny Violence in Greece
Member reactions:

Police shooting sparks riots in two Greek cities
Great concept but the gun should probably cast some shadows on Poseidon.
I dont know.. he was holding a trident and that didnt cast a noticable shadow
Should be OK then. Now that I took more close look at the angle the shadows are cast I think I have to agree with no shadow

Save Greece!Funny Save Greece! - Greece is on the verge of financial default that may collapse the euro. Analysts say that if Greece is unable to get the next portion of the loan, the default will cause a domino effect in other areas of the euro zone. Investors worry that default in Greece or Portugal would hurt not only the European banks who hold their debt but also the U.S. money market funds that have invested heavily in those banks' high-yielding, short-term paper. Help save Greece from financial default by showing creative ways for Greece to raise money for repaying its loan, or show some methods for spending cuts in Greece.

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