Baby was born as result The Great Love
Baby was born as result The Great Love
Baby was born as result The Great Love. Baby was born as result The Great Love. Donald: "Sweet heart, I brought for you more paper. Feel better and and enjoy to tear paper as you like".
Member reactions:
Ha. She will never live down being a paper shredder.
Darn funny one, no she'll never live this down.

Funny Great Pumpkin Ride

Great Pumpkin Ride
Member reactions:
Super job and freaky HoHouse.. 👍👍

Funny Great White Hope, Bruce Jenner

Great White Hope, Bruce Jenner
Member reactions:
Too funny, sporting Kaperdick's sock and shoes
Bruce can do it..he has changed a lot since those days..
... Nice work, HH. Bruce's size 15 shoe out stretches Usain at the line.

Funny Economy is great, Russia has no problem.

Economy is great, Russia has no problem.
Putin: "Sanctions. Import substitution is in full swing. We feel confident. Our Economy is great. We have no problems."

Funny Isn't America Great

Isn't America Great
Member reactions:
The Chow looks great with is new eyes and hat.

Funny Trump's Wish, Make America Great Again.

Trump's Wish, Make America Great Again.
Hannity gives Trump his Wish.
Member reactions:
at Hannity Entertaining chop Hobbit, Top 5.
Thanks Reggie,I never miss watching FOX NEWS....
Very well done. Perfect composition placement. Grats on Top 5. We need our Plastic Fifth Placed trophy.
Outside the green house..😁👍

Funny Make The Caribbean Great Again

Make The Caribbean Great Again
Member reactions:
Love the pic, knew this was a winner, Beautiful job done. Your pic didn't take my first comment, our electric kept going out for the past two days,darn heavy winds.Congrats......
Thanks Gummy, Bob, and PShyst Thank You. Thank You Hobbit,for your generous compliments..
Thanks a bunch DeadDog. Delighted to see your fantastic and always entertaining entries.
Wonderful Work, Reggie. Congrats on another Gold.
Thanks alot Manosart and Splats much appreciated. The gold was luck with so few voters and so many awesome entries

Funny Making America Great Again

Making America Great Again
Maxine The Batty Waters
Member reactions:
That's one batty old bat. Awesome Hobbit.
I guess you can tell, I don't care for this human, Thanks Tim.

Funny Make Xorphos Great Again

Make Xorphos Great Again
Meanwhile, in another galaxy...
Member reactions:
It don't get much better, and this contest had some of the best i've seen. Congrats on the Gold LunaC.
Congrats on the well deserved win. I would like to see the sources for this, or even better, a tutorial.
. Thanks everyone for the love and high votes. Lots of great work in this contest. I'm honored to take a prize in this one.
Congrats LunaC perfect creation of an out of this world creature and still blend it naturally.
History monster contiental rebel . very nice .

Funny Make America Great Again 1492

Make America Great Again 1492

Funny Assange's Great Escape

Assange's Great Escape
After Ecuador's government granted political asylum to Julian Assange, Britain had threatened to storm Equador's embassy in London to arrest WikiLeaks founder. Even if Britain doesn't storm the Equador's embassay, it said it will never allow Assange to safely cross the British territory on the way to Equador, and will arrest him as soon as he leaves the embassy. Design or find ways for julian assange to get to Equador without being arrested in the UK.

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