Olivia and John Travolta in Grease Down Under
Olivia and John Travolta in Grease Down Under
Olivia and John Travolta in Grease Down Under.

Funny John Travolta in Grease

John Travolta in Grease

Funny Grease Caricatures

Grease Caricatures
Member reactions:
Too good.......man, how do we compete.. Yeha man..another awesome piece..
Was Meant as a joke Bro..Thank God your'e here mate..you teach me so much by watching, just as you do from your idols and teachers..We all are such an awesome team of people..Wish we could all meet for a FN reunion one day..Reckon it would be an awesome party..Thanks for the competition Ricky my mate, its an honor to be on the same page as you..
Congrats Rickey. Would love to have that car source to chop.
such a freaking great...another congrats, RICKY
Bronze Congrats as well Ricky . . . . Excellent work, shiny and clean just like the T-Bird . . . great caricatures, even with Olivia's green hair

Funny Grease the Musical in Greece

Grease the Musical in Greece
Live at the Parthenon, most of the original cast with a special surprise guest. Tickets starting at 1,500,000
Member reactions:
I got chills.... they're multiplying... good chop.

Funny Grease does Star Wars

Grease does Star Wars

Funny Grease Minimalist Movie Poster

Grease Minimalist Movie Poster

Funny Julian Assange Dressed as Sandy in Grease

Julian Assange Dressed as Sandy in Grease

Funny Queen Elizabeth in Grease

Queen Elizabeth in Grease
Member reactions:
excellent clean job, Great facial expression
Awesome job done very beautiful pair to watch good job done

Funny Grease in Greece

Grease in Greece
Member reactions:
Indeed, looks like the Rome Coliseum - but who's the dancer in the background. Original idea.
Well that's what you get with google, googled Greece coliseum, most were of ROME THIS WAS DIFFERENT, but Greece was part of the Roman empire, maybe they stole it from Athens. haven't been there, didn't take the picture, should be removed. Dancer in background just stolen from e-net.
Is cool, Hidden, leave as is Perhaps some day you'll roam in Rome.
Good chops and well managed.Roam in Rome nice comment.

Funny Michelle Obama in Grease

Michelle Obama in Grease

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