Gravestone Barcodes
Gravestone Barcodes
Gravestone Barcodes. Brush Source
Member reactions:
Really sad, so many killed in a wasteful war.
One of the most creative entries in the contest

Funny Cell Phone Gravestones

Cell Phone Gravestones
Small pets gravestones
Member reactions:
Maybe you should place some shadows of the phones on the field.
And when it rings:the ring of the DEAD. *dramatic movie music*

Funny Gunmen Gravestones

Gunmen Gravestones
2 suspects killed in shootout following California massacre; terrorism not ruled out

Funny Gravestone Style

Gravestone Style

Funny Osama Bin Laden Gravestone

Osama Bin Laden Gravestone
bey ben laden go to tomb
Member reactions:
Looks like Hidden will be a better speller before Bin Hoo-Ha makes his final journey.

Funny Gravestones

What valuable gravestones might be out there? Create images of gravestones that might fetch a hefty price in the market because they contain things that would be considered valuable or anything that would increase their resale values!

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