Grasshopper and Chameleon Hybrid
Grasshopper and Chameleon Hybrid
Grasshopper and Chameleon Hybrid.

Funny Lizard Grasshopper

Lizard Grasshopper

Funny Hybrid Lizard Grasshopper

Hybrid Lizard Grasshopper
Member reactions:
that face expression.
I can see smile face its a little tweak there

Funny American GrassHopper on a Chopper

American GrassHopper on a Chopper
Member reactions:
All looks good but, the exhaust pipes look like they are going to warm Jiminy-Cricket's Butt a bit too much. Nice work-clean.
Lol,cruising. down the road,with the wind on his wings,and a sweet ,warm fire on his butt.Blazing down the open road ,both body and soul
Extraordinary in mood of flying high with the speedy bike , lots of stuff and funny
Funky. The added elements would look much better with shadows though - shadows on the ground and leaves would make it look like the added characters are really there

Funny Lizard Grasshopper

Lizard Grasshopper
Member reactions:
I've seen a lot of these merges of two animals or bugs or whatever but this one is very well done, the colors are perfect and it looks believable.

Funny Metalic Grasshopper Smoking

Metalic Grasshopper Smoking
"The exhibition was sh1t, dude." Image credit: Main Source (Grasshopper) by Dennis Bos from stock.xchng
Member reactions:
MUST view full...wonderful use of source.
Thanks janhus, PSMandrake, Kellie, Goat, zorro13, Disasterman111, balodiya, rajeshstar, BOULPIX, Verkukes and NewsMaster for your kind comments. And of course thx to all voters (intresting voting by the way... nearly all in).
Félicitations TiredTom. Du beau travail. Vraiment excellent
congrats TiredTom a pleasant to the eye, the DOF you used is a master.. and Definitely a fave
Hey TiredTom, I swear that when I saw the top three thought they were the same person. This here was my favorite for gold. Anyway, congratulations on the bronze
zorro: Thanks for your kind words. Sleepy dust in my eyes, I missed to finish the smoke layer - there has been a "corner" over the grasshopper's head & a decrease on the contrast there... After I fixed that - some hours before voting has ended - the votings were better - maybe a reason... maybe. But Bronze is also nice (and Salis' roster & Mark's dragon are two killer chops, arent't they). Goat, thanks for asking about a tutorial - I feel honored. I thought about it and would rather give some hints about the image formation than Photoshop techniques - what's more intresting for you. I think all the PS stuff that went into this image is already said by others in the tutorial section. And remember: English isn't my native language...
was my fave too...10 mate... so good...congrats..

Funny Monkey Grasshopper

Monkey Grasshopper
Member reactions:
gotta be kin to that nutbag Dennis. some shadowing would set this off
Lol NewsMaster. A good one indeed.

Funny David Carridine Fighting Grasshopper

David Carridine Fighting Grasshopper
David Carridine I saw the photos. Zero chance this was a suicide. Bangkok cops are idiots to the tenth power. Maybe the FBI will figure it out. RIP David, you inspired generations.
Member reactions:
Awesome tribute. I don't buy the suicide version either.
Great tribute Hitspinner, Congrats on the Silver
Silver congrats, Spinner. Great tribute to a great man here.
Credit goes to david. It is sadly strange that I met Mr. Carridine just two months ago when my grandaughter visited here from Australia. He was charming as the day is long, had a sparkle in his eye and an enthusiasm that said this man loved life. He was also a musician and I thought getting some guys together for a jam was a distinct possibility. I feel rather sad that that will not happen. Fukin life and death, sometimes it makes no sense at all. Be well in whatever travels you now undertake, Master David. We will miss you. Thank you for your support of this chop. It was sent to his family
Congrats Hitster. I like the beat up face effects and the other elements of the chop, but the grasshopper doesn't really work for me. Maybe if it was standing on hind legs it would've looked more plausible or somethin'.... All that said, Great chop. I remember watching Kung Fu as a youngster. (pre-funkwood days) I'd wait in anticipation for each weekly episode, . Cheers.
I know the grasshopper doesn't work for you, Funkwood. He works for me and is pretty handy in the garden. However I may have to let him go as that spittin tobbaco habit is really gross. Actually, the source was just half a grasshopper. I created the bottom half of the body sort of on the fly. Just guessed. It's supposed to be leaping
, nice job, congrats and welcome back. Master Po would love this one too
I knew that was you you always surprise us it's was great work my dear friend Congrats on silver man.........
They are saying the rope position is not unusual with auto-eroticism stuff - even the hands behind the body is 'norm'. I dunno anything about that but it is just sad that this is how he is going to be remembered - a late night TV joke. He was a lot more than that. I luved Kung Fu. I luved his bits on History channel (or was it Discovery) that he did within the past few years. His brother was great on Deadwood in a role that David easily could have done, too. RIP.

Funny Grasshopper Piano Recital

Grasshopper Piano Recital
Member reactions:
There's a chops sticks joke here somewhere
Ladies and Gentlemen, please welcome Sir Elton John Grasshopper great work

Funny Alien Grasshoppers

Alien Grasshoppers
Member reactions:
Many fine details here. Love how you added the wings. Excellent ling and shadow work
Nice to see you around again funkwood. great chop.
I wish there were more trophies in this contest to honor this entry. Great to see you again, funkster.
the justice prevailed... and wood got wood.
Thanks all. Not sure if I'm back yet. Still trying to find my groove. It's been a while.

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