Giant Grasshopper
Giant Grasshopper
Giant Grasshopper. Who's bugging who.
Member reactions:
Impressive work. Reminds me old Japanese movies
Congratzzz thereal88 for the silver... =D great job.
Congrats on the silver. thekillergrasshopper
Congratulations on your first advanced trophy, thereal.

Funny Monster Grasshopper and Pisa Tower

Monster Grasshopper and Pisa Tower

Funny Giant Grasshopper in Flooded Village

Giant Grasshopper in Flooded Village
Sources increased the size of the village in the far right, bush used in the wall (crack) in the sky (clouds and lightning), water (wave), effect of rain and day to night
Member reactions:
Love how you did the water the reflecting surface and underwater

Funny Grasshopper Sushi

Grasshopper Sushi
Member reactions:
"no thanks ...i lost my appetite ." "taste like chicken"
*tummy growls* mmmm, grasshopper tis on the menu. nice.
how about some glasshopper and flied lice
Another super entry which is worthy of a trophy.

Funny Alien Predator Grasshopper

Alien Predator Grasshopper

Funny Jazz Grasshopper

Jazz Grasshopper
Member reactions:
Beautiful chop preemie. great colors. Enjoy your bronze.
Love the blown leaf. Congrats on the bronze (trumpet). Pree rocks.

Funny Mating Grasshoppers

Mating Grasshoppers

Funny Watercolor Grasshopper

Watercolor Grasshopper
Source pic not that inspiring, so this was better than having Woody from Toy Story riding the grasshopper. My apologies to anyone who has done that.
Member reactions:
I like it. Artistic and different from the rest of the entries

Funny Alien Grasshopper

Alien Grasshopper

Funny Grasshopper with Hamster Wheel

Grasshopper with Hamster Wheel

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