Pouting Gorilla Looking at Out of Reach Grapes
Pouting Gorilla Looking at Out of Reach Grapes
Pouting Gorilla Looking at Out of Reach Grapes. Ever have one of those days when what you want seems just out of reach.
Member reactions:
Everyday. Can't touch that. Great Idea Hidden
He is thinking something different about this place
A great motivations or demotivational poster may be made with this chop.
Nice Work Gumster. He Dreams of Fay Wray. And of course those apples.
A really excellent chop that tells an entire story in its beautiful simplicity

Funny Soccer Ball Grapes

Soccer Ball Grapes
Member reactions:
Good idea new one after the money on trees

Funny Planet of the Grapes

Planet of  the Grapes
Source Original title: Rise of the Planet of the Apes
Member reactions:
super awesome... but i think something went wrong saving this pic.. there is a layer visible that shouldn't be there
Love it, yeh love it, so freaky and fantastic job.
Marvelous job done, the grapes in the hands of Apes were too good nice bridge and all the apes carrying grapes were good
Great play on words and awesome chopping.
Rain congratulations.... your apes are very dark......Subtitle suggestion: Yes We Have No Bananas

Funny Star Wars in the Grapes of Wrath

Star Wars in the Grapes of Wrath
Member reactions:
I am with MUD - larger source would help this work shine and score higher

Funny The Grapes of Wrath of Kahn

The Grapes of Wrath of Kahn

Funny Rainbow Colored Wine Grapes

Rainbow Colored Wine Grapes
Please View Full for better detail I wonder what color the wine would turn out...
Member reactions:
i don't know how you got the colour under the dust, but real cool.
Thanks everyone for your votes and comments...
Congratulations on the magnificent win, Hamid.
I'm curious how the wine would taste these grapes would give... congrats Hamid on the win.

Funny Lemon Grapes

Lemon Grapes
Member reactions:
I had a layer turned off when I made the jpg. Oops. Revised image uploaded. Thanks Katiekate.
Awesome chop, the pink shape at background it's not necessary but out side that, it's just an awesome idea and execution
Oh man, I'm sorry I voted early on this. It looks much better now.
Excellent work, Deb. A well deserved win.
I love this Deb. Lots of work in it...and the "Sour Grapes" caption (now replaced) was icing on the cake.

Funny Black Widow Hiding in Grapes

Black Widow Hiding in Grapes
Woman Finds Black Widow in Grapes
Member reactions:
Hope i'll never find this one in my french wine ...
Grapes and spider. Sweet and sour Flawlessly blended.

Funny Melon grapes

Melon grapes
Member reactions:
they would be awesome of you didn't have to peel them . Would you please peel me a couple dozen . I'll be your best friend . :o)
I bet that would hurt if it fell on your head.

Funny Grape Wall

Grape Wall
Mao Now, Brown Cow

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