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Funny Granny Pictures

Swamp Granny with a GunFunny Swamp Granny with a Gun
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Tazing GrannyFunny Tazing Granny
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Officers taser 86-year-old disabled woman in her bed
really well done, check out that hair LoL
Thanks all Had to completely fabricate the taser, there's no such image available in that angle.
Two images in one contest-I'm laughing so hard, I'll need the Paramedics to administer oxygen. "MEDIC.." Congratulations.
Congrats on the silver and the double Rainman. Great work.
Bronze tazer for AZ. Great tazing job. Congrats.

Granny MadonnaFunny Granny Madonna
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kind of reminds me of Anthony Hopkins with a wig
I think Madonna almost looks as old as this TODAY without her makeup You're on the right track for sure.
The milky eyes are really freaky, like she has hardly any life left.

Granny 2009Funny Granny 2009
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Granny Croft Video GameFunny Granny Croft Video Game
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Granny Croft Video Game on sale now.

GrannyFunny Granny
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Racing Granny
"Just point me in the right direction, Boys. I can't see over the steering wheel."

Marine GrannyFunny Marine Granny
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I think a lot of grandmas out there would love to serve in the military.
Very believable blending of the face into the main image. You got the light and color just right.
they should fight there about to die anyways. I need to purchase stock in "opps I crapped my pants"
MY Grandma's so old, she invented the army.
Nice work with the extra touch adding the veins and texture to the arms. Those extra details mean a lot to an image like this. Well done.

Racing GrannyFunny Racing Granny
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Granny's showing off again on her new Yawnaha.

GrannyFunny Granny
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. I love it. I'm not sure this is a story that would have to be retracted though : -->)
Nice ^^^ Yeah, what she said. ^^^ I gave it a 4:20
Nicely done cover, but hardly a scandal these days.
L0LU Stimpy hahaha Yeh Azure not sure how scandalous but it is more than amusing
YaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaY. It's time to partake of the ganja. Nice work.

Atomic GrannyFunny Atomic Granny
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