Come back home with us grandpa !
Come back home with us grandpa !
Come back home with us grandpa !.

Funny Grandpa Theft Otto

Grandpa Theft Otto

Funny grandpa on the field

grandpa on the field
Member reactions:
Original picture
Took me a while to download the original photo - huge indeed. You did a good job on it. Is it your grandfather.
Amazing chop... the Glasses worn to your grandfather is amazing... the shadows were perfectly behind the glass looks real... a awesome background chosen great job overall
He is looking smart grandfather and background is matching with this man....Nice chop
Congrats on the wood, uCkPeH. Welcome back.
Congrats on the wood. Nice and great work. Like it.


Full View plz.
Member reactions:
Hah I am ashamed to admit I have zero experience with Xbox games or Nintendo or games for Windows but I do know chops and this is funny. Great job
FANTASTIC, I would love this game. Good luck.
Amazing Very well exectued Nice expression of grany and grandpaa
This is cool Brilliant idea if you have for my Uncles; now who wanna drive crazy
Congratulations on Silver to Silvercanine

Funny Grandpa knows how to take care of the baby or Free Beer today!

Grandpa knows how to take care of the baby or Free Beer today!
Prince Harry picture was used for baby's face. Grandpa knows how to take care of the baby or Free Beer today for everybody. Beer and soccer from grandpa and all other skills the baby will learn from uncle Harry.
Member reactions:
Dang, you folks are picking you baby pics out of the UGLY hat hahahahaha Nice one mate
Freaking hysterical. Love how you constructed the face of the baby using Prince Harry's features. This kid is a party animal.

Funny Grandpa Bush

Grandpa Bush
George Bush is excited about becoming a grandfather
Member reactions:
Some people should be required by law to use birth control
Most funny part is the thing hanging over his nose looks like him only
Amazing Cute little Bush is just awesome the nose and the facial expression is also superb
Butter work Full marks for baby's smooth skin and the Bubble
Congrats,on the Bronze too....Paul. Well done,my friend..
Born bad, . Congrats on the bronze too, Paul.

Funny Obama's Grandpa

Obama's Grandpa
Member reactions:
Ha ha ha looking same like obama... is it true hidden ...

Funny Grandpa Tommy Lee Jones with a Bird

Grandpa Tommy Lee Jones with a Bird
Full Size
Member reactions:
I tried to test several technics, but.....Congrats. I really love it.
Several technics For........ haha... Thank You... And Thanks Pcrdds
Lightning is awesome and colors too, silver congrats..
Thanks All.. Sunshin3 Thank you, and Congrats
, he looks like a geek magician here. Congrats on the silver, DMC.

Funny Grandpa From The Munsters Upside Down

Grandpa From The Munsters Upside Down

Funny Grandpa Al Lewis

Grandpa Al Lewis
Member reactions:
Awwww...bummer. He's gone to that great blood bank in the sky. G'bye Grampa.

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