Statue of Graffiti
Statue of Graffiti
Statue of Graffiti.

Funny Violent Graffiti in Oval Office

Violent Graffiti in Oval Office
Member reactions:
Obama and Hillary are visiting graffiti master.

Funny Do you know who was a guard when graffiti happened?

Do you know who was a guard when graffiti happened?
Buckingham Palace. Do you know who was a guard when graffiti happened.
Member reactions:
Holmes, who graffitied Buckingham Palace. It is simple Watson. Ask a Guard.
Love it, darn good one and Congrats on the Two Wins.

Funny Andy Warhol Spray Painting Graffiti on a Wall

Andy Warhol Spray Painting Graffiti on a Wall

Funny Rembrandt Graffiti

Rembrandt Graffiti
If he was around today he would putting his art on the walls (The elephant is from one of Rembrandt's sketches)

Funny Gumby & Friends Painting Graffiti on a Wall

Gumby & Friends Painting Graffiti on a Wall
It looks like Gumby and his friends have hit hard times.Down and out,high and drunk.Living on the streets,homeless and addicted.As their fame dwindled,it led to a devastating,downhill spiral.Once flexible,vibrant, and at the top of their profession.Now reduced to a dog's chew toy and maybe a T-shirt here and there.
Member reactions:
Colurful image. In my opinion you should always see some line of the bricks under the graffiti.

Funny The Alien Graffiti Stalker

The Alien Graffiti Stalker
Watch Out Dude. Elvis Source
Member reactions:
This is freaking brilliant. You made the source perfectly match the stalker theme. There's a feeling of suspense, as the left guy is walking and turning his head to check on the stalker behind his back. The look on the stalker face is priceless - he is one cold blooded fella, probably from another planet too Love the added graffiti on the wall and the trash on the road too.
The grafti painting on the wall is awesome and the stalker face attached to the source pic is great...
Thanks Doc., Bob, Lu, Newsy, Eric, Balo, and Raj. Thanks for all the great comments and vote. I'm on my cell so I'm having to keep it short.
Thanks Hitz. Much appreciated. These speed contest are a little tricky. Sometimes I start them and just don't have the time finish..The Elvis came in handy from an earlier contest I failed enter.
Thanks Bunacode... Glad you like it Loved your Fin and Feather. Your work is improving rapidly. Keep on keeping on.
Thanks Newsy. He is one cold blooded fella. I would love to see the frantic fight scene that evolves about 5 seconds from now. I think His big bobbing head would be hilarious. and your right he is an Alien...North Korean, I think.

Funny Graffiti Covered Rhino

Graffiti Covered Rhino
You're standing at the wrong wall, Mr. Rhino.
Member reactions:
Holy crap. I was working on almost the exact same chop idea. I won't enter it but have a look here:
Rhino enjoying the Graft ti art well done nice Camouflage chop
Super work GarRobMil .. congrats on woody
Congrats on the Wood RobGarMill. Love the Graffiti.
Congrats on the Woody, GarRobMil.. great work..
OMG that's a great one. I wasn't able to vote so seeing these for the first time. Chit some good ones indeed. Ye snagged out a cup.

Funny George Washington Gangsta Spraying Graffiti

George Washington Gangsta Spraying Graffiti
He's sorry that he got paint on the inside of your computer screen. That's gonna be a pain to get off.
Member reactions:
good work on the color splash on the screen George looks great as a grafti designer
This is awesome brilliant Graffiti very well painted
Totally freaking brilliant. Congrats on the gold, Luna.

Funny Snake Charmer Graffiti

Snake Charmer Graffiti
Member reactions:
Interesting.... well done on the wall art
Out of the box thinking. Different, excellent work

Funny Graffiti

This Saturday, graffiti vandals tagged nine houses, garages and vehicles of over nine streets in Rockford, IL. Local police declared a hunt for the graffiti gang artists, and are trying to stop this artistic crime. In this contest your task is to apply graffiti art to any objects or organisms. Your entries should have elements of modern graffiti style rather just look like any paint jobs. E.g. painting the whole house red, or doing the "original Mona Lisa" paint job on a garage wall is NOT considered a graffiti within this contest (unless done in modern graffiti style with Mona re-drawn and letters or tags added.) You are welcome to add graffiti to objects (or characters) in works of art or photos.

Funny Graffiti

For this contest, your mission is to apply graffiti to famous building or landmark.

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