American Gothic 2016
American Gothic 2016
American Gothic 2016. Member reactions:
, what a different slant on American Gothic... Great job and congrats on the bronze.
Congrats, Hobbit. Donald is coming in American beds...
Fabulous blending and very creative use of the famous source. Congrats on the bromze, hobbit.
hope you are as content as the little doggie. congrats Hobbit.

Funny American gothic

American gothic
A lil classic for Xmas. Merry Christmas everyone .
Member reactions:
Great Christmas colors here. Wood for Evirio too - congrats.

Funny Mona Gothic

Mona Gothic

Funny Mona Over Gothic

Mona Over Gothic

Funny American Gothic Winter Fun

American Gothic Winter Fun
Member reactions:
Great Christmas spirit here - love the red and white theme.
Christmas dresses. Nice. His mustaches need some rework (too high)
Nicely done and it did score pretty well. Even got a woody. Congrats

Funny Winter American Gothic

Winter American Gothic
Man, what does it take for these two to look like they're having fun.. They've even build a snowman, and they're still not smiling.
Member reactions:
You wouldn't smile either if you were married to her. nag,,nag,nag,,,,nag.
Great winterizing with that piece of art ...
Freaking brilliant. Perfect painting texture of all added sources - looks authentic.
Roofs with snow are perfectly done. Excellent job.
thanks. reaaaaaallly tried to maintain the same texture/ lighting all around. Snow is all hand painted on the roofs.
Ya just have to love these two, they always will be my favorite painting. Wonderful job on this, congrats on the win..

Funny American Gothic Cats with a Fish for Dinner

American Gothic Cats with a Fish for Dinner
Member reactions:
Thank you very much, I had a lot of fun doing this one.
Very good especially concidering how many versions of this picture there are.
Thanks a lot, andwhat, Splatshot and Gummy.
Congrats on the gold and silver wins hobbit.Well deserved
Congrats on the gold, Hobbit. Brilliant work from the composition to the little details like the sardines can.
Gold Congrats, Hobbit. Can't be done better.
Congratulations on the Win, Hobbit. Quality Image the tones look great together.

Funny Gothic Charm School by Elvira

Gothic Charm School by Elvira
Member reactions:
Quality composition. If it weren't blurry in the center, it'd score higher

Funny American Gothic Street Pimps

American Gothic Street Pimps
American Gothic on the streets.
Member reactions:
Funny how an outfit and some hand gestures can transform a harmless old man into an aggressive thug.
Its a YO YO time to break out and dance nice transformation
American Gothic... had to be done and you did it well.
Super Work LunaC. One of the best in the contest. Classic...

Funny European Gothic

European Gothic

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