American Gothic At Christmas.
American Gothic At Christmas.
American Gothic At Christmas.. Hope Everyone has a Very Happy New Year.
Member reactions:
Great Work, Hobbit. Congrats on the Wood.
Excellent very nice Christmas Art, Hobbit. Congrats on the Cup.

Funny American Christmas resolution Gothic

 American Christmas  resolution  Gothic
Ho-Ho-Ho, donít take life so seriously. No one getís out alive. LIGHTEN UP.

Funny Paris Gothic

Paris Gothic
Vova & Doni
Member reactions:
Another great version of American Gothic. Flag scrap a nice touch.
Top 5 congrats An70. Welcome back, and hope to see more of your art.
Curious style and mix composition. I like it.

Funny The Real American Gothic

The Real American Gothic
Hope Everyone Has A Beautiful Thanksgiving. This Turkey doesn't like Female Turkeys.
Member reactions:
The 'woman' is not a turkey, she is a white-headed vulture (Trigonoceps occipitalis)
I know, that's why I chose her, if turkey's ruled, he can have who he wants.
Aww they make a cute couple. Brilliant colors.

Funny Gothic Pumpkins

Gothic Pumpkins
Member reactions:
Quality pumpkin work on a classic, Denlig.

Funny Gothic Frankenstein

Gothic Frankenstein
Member reactions:
Super clean work here, Bellita. Love how you made it nite time and the color match pulling everything together. The lighting is the perfect touch.

Funny American Horror Gothic

American Horror Gothic
Member reactions:
Exceptionally well done job on this classic, Hits. Top notch and cup worthy.

Funny American Gothic

American Gothic
Member reactions:
Very well done. It all fits nicely together.

Funny Gothic Testimony

Gothic Testimony
Kavanaugh Hearings Are Latest MeToo Moment For Women
Member reactions:
They make an adorable couple, Lol. Great to see your art again GarRobMil, congrats on the Silver.

Funny America Gothic 2

America Gothic 2
Hubby and Me
Member reactions:
Now there's a lucky man and it shows in his smile. Congrats to the fine good-looking couple.
ReggieRey, thank you so much and to be honest, I'm the Lucky One, plus he is my Best Friend, makes a big difference.

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