Degas Gothic
Degas Gothic
Degas Gothic . Member reactions:
Well done Ho. Close enough to "nowadays" for me.
Congratulations HoHouse. Yer' on a roll-nice work.
Excellent merge of the two classics, HoHouse. Congrats on the wood. See, you produce excellent pieces when you dont stick to the overcrowded compositions stuffed with overused sources.

Funny Gothic Easter

Gothic Easter

Funny Gothic Camelot

Gothic Camelot
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Funny Magritte Gothic

Magritte Gothic
Member reactions:
This is a perfect blend funny to see the couple in this avatar

Funny Alien Gothic

Alien Gothic
This Alien just wanted to be in the painting.
Member reactions:
nice clipping, but he doesn't match the painted look of the painting.
Superb Nice Placing the Alien in the centre

Funny Syrian Gothic

Syrian Gothic
Member reactions:
Perfect composition, Gun and Flower is mindblowing

Funny Indian Gothic Wedding

Indian Gothic Wedding

Funny UFO Gothic

UFO Gothic
Member reactions:
Excellent. Very well done. Nice ET finger - maybe give the finger tip a glow. And maybe image the lady's head so the shading matches the man.
I agree with GarRobMil. Very well done. I'd flip the lady's head to match the direction of sunlight on the man's head and the house in the match the original.
I did think about it, but I wanted the faces to look different, the other source pic wasn't good enough quality, will have another look Monday. Thank you, have a great weekend all
This is great.... I love it. There is no need to try to find a new face. We'll just say the shadow is created from a center flash. works for me. But in future, if you use photoshop there is a brush attribute that is called "Overlay" I just started playing with it a few months ago. But if you want to bring the highlight UP like the light is coming starkly from the left, select a creamy white in this case, set brush setting on overlay to about 5% and go have fun. Just try not to go overboard, it is easy to go past the perfect highlight accent
Nice Job. Proves Husband and Wife really do grow to look like each other over time
This is really cool
Finally.... Gothic couple turned as Aliens amazing work nice texture on the faces and the finger pointing towards an Hidden UFO
Congratulations on your first gold cup, Ninj. That is one hellof-an accomplishment considering you just smoked a bunch of AAA+ players and .... I give you a real hearty pat on the back
Congrats on your first gold, Ninji. Neat work.
Congrats on your first gold cup, Ninji.Great work ...
Thanks rajeshtar, pcrdds, Xaos54, preemiememe, geriatric, gugulanul for the nice comments. My first Gold. Im well chuffed
Congrats on the gold, Ninj. Stutting work. Can I call you photoshop Ninja.
Thanks NewsMaster, and you sir, can call me what you like Take care sir.

Funny Medvedev and Putin in American Gothic Painting

Medvedev and Putin in American Gothic Painting
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Nice filters used... and looks real good use of Gothic couple

Funny American Gothic Street Painting

American Gothic Street Painting

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