Gothic fashion
Gothic fashion
Gothic fashion.

Funny American Gothic Plastic Surgery

American Gothic Plastic Surgery
Member reactions:
This is classic. Congrats on the wood, opcrom.

Funny Upside down gothic

Upside down gothic

Funny American Gothic

American Gothic
Member reactions:
Good synthesis not sure is an abstraction.

Funny American Gothic Winter

American Gothic Winter
Member reactions:
added to me collection of AG,very well done.
This should be made into an ad for some winter clothing brand. Love it.
Thanks, everyone. Okay, Newsy...sell it for me. You'll get agent fees.
Another Fantastic version, Doc. Superb job of winterizing. Congrats on the Silver.

Funny American Gothic Halloween

American Gothic Halloween
Member reactions:
Please remove one. Thanks
Wait,,,, I really like this one don't delete it.
It when in twice.
I know but this one was so much better than that other one.
Another gothic version. Infinite story. .

Funny Russian American Gothic

Russian American Gothic
Member reactions:
Freaking Classic. You've forked it real well, Hidden. Just look at that US-Russian curtain.
I guess you could call it the "Irony Curtain."
This could go viral. It had that "it" appeal, though subtle. Well don and thought out, Doc

Funny Degas Gothic

Degas Gothic
Member reactions:
Well done Ho. Close enough to "nowadays" for me.
Congratulations HoHouse. Yer' on a roll-nice work.
Excellent merge of the two classics, HoHouse. Congrats on the wood. See, you produce excellent pieces when you dont stick to the overcrowded compositions stuffed with overused sources.

Funny Gothic Easter

Gothic Easter

Funny American Gothic Painting by Candlelight

American Gothic Painting by Candlelight
She has night sweats, he has a bad back; they sleep outdoors standing up by choice.
Member reactions:
Excellent. I would consider adding night caps to them too
Newsie, I took his glasses off and took her hair down; where were you when I was making this. Nightcaps would have been great..
OMG... I can't believe it.. This is only my third Gold. OMG.. HAPPY DANCE...
Great Job, Icy. Big Time Congrats on your third GOLD.
Icy: next time I promise to speak up about nightcaps sooner.
, but now that you said that, I'm thinking "oh, I should have put rollers in her hair." Then the left side of my brain said "no. Her hair is straight, obviously she doesn't wear rollers" while the right side came right back with a "logic. Must you go straight to logic. It would be FUNNY.."
Anyway, thanks, everyone. An hour fifteen here on the West Coast of the US before Lights Out. I'm working on a chop for a deadline, however, and might have to participate with Hawaii in five hours.
Great catch, Icy. #3....... Fine chop too, with great idea
Well, Icy, a true artist is always striving for perfection... as Leonardo said "True art is never finished, only abandoned" Congrats on your third gold.
Thanks, Hits.. Thanks, Newsy, I love that quote and will go post it on FB right now, .

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