American Gothic Winter
American Gothic Winter
American Gothic Winter. Member reactions:
added to me collection of AG,very well done.
This should be made into an ad for some winter clothing brand. Love it.
Thanks, everyone. Okay, Newsy...sell it for me. You'll get agent fees.
Another Fantastic version, Doc. Superb job of winterizing. Congrats on the Silver.

Funny American Gothic Halloween

American Gothic Halloween
Member reactions:
Please remove one. Thanks
Wait,,,, I really like this one don't delete it.
It when in twice.
I know but this one was so much better than that other one.
Another gothic version. Infinite story. .

Funny Russian American Gothic

Russian American Gothic
Member reactions:
Freaking Classic. You've forked it real well, Hidden. Just look at that US-Russian curtain.
I guess you could call it the "Irony Curtain."
This could go viral. It had that "it" appeal, though subtle. Well don and thought out, Doc

Funny Degas Gothic

Degas Gothic
Member reactions:
Well done Ho. Close enough to "nowadays" for me.
Congratulations HoHouse. Yer' on a roll-nice work.
Excellent merge of the two classics, HoHouse. Congrats on the wood. See, you produce excellent pieces when you dont stick to the overcrowded compositions stuffed with overused sources.

Funny Gothic Easter

Gothic Easter

Funny Gothic Camelot

Gothic Camelot
Member reactions:

Funny Magritte American Gothic Painting

Magritte American Gothic Painting
Member reactions:
This is a perfect blend funny to see the couple in this avatar

Funny American Gothic Oktoberfest Beer Steins

American Gothic Oktoberfest Beer Steins

Funny Alien in American Gothic Painting

Alien in American Gothic Painting
This Alien just wanted to be in the painting.
Member reactions:
nice clipping, but he doesn't match the painted look of the painting.
Superb Nice Placing the Alien in the centre

Funny American Gothic Couple Wearing Gas Masks

American Gothic Couple Wearing Gas Masks
Gassed to death over 1,000 people, including hundreds of children.
Member reactions:
Nice work. Funny text wording on the canister.
Nice job. Just curious as to why you flipped the painting. And, if you are going to add things to a painting, you should texture them to look like the painting as well.
Flipped just for interest...lady now looks at you instead of husband. l textured the masks but not the gas canister, my bad
Marvelous chop story
Excellent job you missed the mask contest but put it in a right place. nice makeover on those couples and showing them as suffers of chemical bomb

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