American Gothic Tornado
American Gothic Tornado
American Gothic Tornado.


Nancy Pelosi and Harry Reid
Member reactions:
Ha, and yet another wonderful parody of American Gothic. Quirky Work Hidden, Well Done.
Thanks for your HONEST votes showing respect. It is appreciated
Tisk tisk. For shame, for shame. However thank you to those that played fair.
I love it too, but I think I played too fair, lost 5 positions after casting my votes (At 18th it hardly mattered)
Nah, you've been doing this a long time. If you vote per the guidelines and your professional estimation, you can't be too fair. Too fair would imply favoritism. Favoritism is cool in that you definitely want to vote what you like. That can't be avoided nor should it. Oh well, like a sobbing parent with a child on death row, I had such high hopes. whaaa whaaaa whaaa This one started out in 1st and then somebody(s)(not gonna name anyone), came in and brutalized it with a big rubber cucumber looking thing. hahahahahaah. That's the game. We are all subject to the same slings and arrows. It was just my turn in the barrel. Thanks Champ, Kool Killie (it must be getting chilly down under), DMan, FM and SS.
I scored it well too, Hits. What can I say but, I like the humor. Looks like Harry married his sister.
Hah SS. Humor or madness or anything that evokes emotion is entertainment. This is first and foremost, an entertainment site in my humble opinion.
I voted 9 but i entered the contest and i have only 20 Karma . And it was not favoritism .
Armatien, That's what I like to hear... Thanks pal. And thanks MRAssad
DD you are a person of impeccable taste and judgment .

Funny High Tech Gothic Glasses

High Tech Gothic Glasses

Funny American Gothic House Renovation

American Gothic House Renovation

Funny Gothic Romance

Gothic Romance
Member reactions:
Excellent. I love it. Purple Goths rock. Silver win...
I love her body language... Congrats... Hobbit..

Funny Canadian Gothic

Canadian Gothic

Funny American Gothic Painting Characters in Bed

American Gothic Painting Characters in Bed
Member reactions:
, what a different slant on American Gothic... Great job and congrats on the bronze.
Congrats, Hobbit. Donald is coming in American beds...
Fabulous blending and very creative use of the famous source. Congrats on the bromze, hobbit.
hope you are as content as the little doggie. congrats Hobbit.

Funny American Gothic Painting at Christmas

American Gothic Painting at Christmas
A lil classic for Xmas. Merry Christmas everyone .
Member reactions:
Great Christmas colors here. Wood for Evirio too - congrats.

Funny Gothic Mona Lisa

Gothic Mona Lisa

Funny Mona Lisa Over the American Gothic Painting

Mona Lisa Over the American Gothic Painting

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