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Funny Goth Pictures

Goth ObamasFunny Goth Obamas
Member reactions:

.. freaky nails of Michael and the studs on her face makes really a rock star and Obama looks amazing in this role Lovely hairstyle for both... very amazing job done
Genius looks to the couple cleaver face merge Blacks suites to Obama
Congrats Monsieur PCR . Well desserved .
I like the make-up, their hair and the outfits. And details like the long nails Gold congrats, Paul.
Thanks, everyone. I had a ball doing this one, especially the nails.
Congrats Paul. One of your best chops to date.
Thanks, JimShorts. Thanks, Mr. F. Appreciate it, guys.
I don't get it...why'd you want to make them look better (ha). Congrats on the Gold.
The long goth nails are a cherry on top. Congrats on the gold, Paul.
Very good job on this pic, makes me laugh every time I log on now and see it. Congrats on the win.

Goth MadonnaFunny Goth Madonna
Member reactions:

Great work. Wish I could do hair like that.
Thanks Crusader, I didn't make the hair just used from here
Lovely chop... nice to see the makeup on her eye and lips lovely hairstyle and the owl really looks confused by her looks
Masters work done you rock the show for today best of luck
Many thanks AWESOME, Rajeshstar, Newsy, Balodiya so glad you like it.
Amazing chop its cute and crazy, interesting idea with the background selection with the Moon-shine and the lady with lovely hair and professional eye work its fantastic
Thanks for noticing the details Eric and lots of thanks for congrats Pcr, Boulpix
Congrats Sunshie3... always great stuff..
Congrats on the double crown Sun. Nice work.
Many thanks Jim, Funkwood, Geriatric, Pree.

Paul Ryan Goth VPFunny Paul Ryan Goth VP
Member reactions:
Trying to win the Sanguine vote.
Paul looks super in this makeover good hair style and freaky look given

goth popeFunny goth pope
Member reactions:

funny ... never expect The Pope will have this makeover but funny to see

Harry Goes Goth.Funny Harry Goes Goth.
Member reactions:

this is freaking brilliant pic.... the look given to harry and the ambiance used is really a scary one.. and the black crow shows all omens presents there... very good work with the studs and the design created near eye... wonderful chop Gold Guaranteed....
AWESOME AWESOME AWESOME Killer look with crazy piercing all over his face, Weird hair Joint and his stuff..... and some black crow friends
...., thank you all so much, it was so much fun to do and spent more time than usual.

Goth Vladimir PutinFunny Goth Vladimir Putin
Member reactions:

Random Goth Dude CaricatureFunny Random Goth Dude Caricature
Member reactions:

Source Image
Slim and Nice, Great idea and Good job done

Goth Girl Ticket SellerFunny Goth Girl Ticket Seller
Member reactions:

I call this a 3C chop: Clean, Clever, Coooool.
, well do we compete.. love the whole idea of this..well done and top points....
Thanks Goat, Good luck I'm sure you could make something realy great.
thanks hidden..i tried....still love this, well done on this again..awesome chop....
congratulations madnessxd, this was by far the best and most original entry. Glad to see it win.
Congrats on the gold madnessxd, great chop. fav img in the contest,wonderful

Leonardo`s Goth Mona LisaFunny Leonardo`s Goth Mona Lisa
Member reactions:

nice one hits, vodka's always been an inspiration to me, heheh. Great composition, it should've scored higher.
Thanks all. Yeah, I was fairly dissappointed, Funkwood. But I ran the risk of lower scores entering so early. People think it's a quickie. There may be a group mindset that the great chops are entered later because they take more time. Actually, I put a bunch of hours into it. I just did an all nighter and entered early to clear the way for a few others on the fire. Oh well

Goth Penelope CruzFunny Goth Penelope Cruz
Member reactions:

If Goths RuledFunny If Goths Ruled - Dark lipstick and eye shades are back in fashion, together with pale faces and dark clothes - goth fashion is trending these weeks before Halloween. From the catwalk to the high street the culture mood suddenly turned dark, and black is back in style. Show how life would be differed if goths ruled the world. E.g. turn celebrities and animals into goths, show how goth culture would affect movies, paintings, and everyday life.

Goth CelebritiesFunny Goth Celebrities - The yearly Wave-Gotik-Treffen Festival took place in Leipzig, Germany from May 9 till May 12. The festival celebrates Gothic culture through Gothic rock and Gothic fairs with medieval merchandize. This is the large Gothic event in the world with over 150 bands and 30,000 followers of Goth culture from different parts of the world. Let us have our own yearly celebration of Goth culture at FreakingNews. Photoshop celebrities or politicians as goths. Take a look at example 1, and example 2.

GothFunny Goth - Many people are fond of Gothic culture these days. Goth guys are digging Nicole Richie's look. When asked whether she is anorexic or just another goth vampire wannabe, Richie said "Bite me!" In this contest you are asked to give Gothic looks to the famous people (celebrities and politicians) of the present and the past. Any characters from paintings and art works are also allowed. You can browse our past goth contest for some inspiration.

Goth CelebritiesFunny Goth Celebrities - Photoshop celebrities and politicians as goths.

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