Goth American Gothic Painting
Goth American Gothic Painting
Goth American Gothic Painting. Member reactions:
Absolutely love this .Plus I agree with the message.
The true words of wisdom spoken through this entry.
Congrats Deb. Great work. enjoy your bronze.

Funny Goth Angelina Jolie

Goth Angelina Jolie
Member reactions:
she's hot no matter what you do to her in photoshop.

Funny Goth Christina Ricci

Goth Christina Ricci
Member reactions:
She's a babe. Nice work.
Maybe the celebrity Goth contest should be a full time thing. You'd be hauling in the medals Nice work.
I like the different eye colors - nice touch
So clean and cool. Nice touch on the one brown, one champagne eyes. I like the illustrative quality in this, reminds me ofHeavy Metal mag art. Classy
Congrats Mandrak, say Hi Quartarolo for me.
I especially love how you did Ricci's the eyes with different colors, and the piercing chain. Silver congratulations, Mandrak.
AZRainman: Congrats Mandrak, say Hi Quartarolo for me. Hi Azrainman, congratulations for wining, liked its image and the one of Mandrak to what you was in 3rd really did not like and believe that my vote does not argue OK, but if you want to argue ai are going to wash the a lot of challenge cloths that won
Congrats Mandrak, she's even pretty in goth attire.

Funny Goth Stevie Nicks

Goth Stevie Nicks
Member reactions:
Late entry to couple contests ago.. Looks good.
Nice, I like the tattoos, but there's one little area near the lower left side of her neck that looks like it needs some cleaning up, but still good.
One of the best works in the contest. Tattoos are done especially well.
I thank all messages, I am happy that they liked the goth Stevie Nicks Cheers Mandrak

Funny Goth Mona Lisa

Goth Mona Lisa
Member reactions:
Nice entry. Her necklace is not hanging right. It should fall in/towards her clevage. . Use a warp or distort transform on it and it will look a lot better.
Thanks for the compliment and the suggestion. I fiddled with it and you're right -- it looks better.

Funny Goth Harry Potter Characters

Goth Harry Potter Characters
See full size for detail. (source)
Member reactions:
They've definitely moved over to the Slytherines.

Funny Goth Dr. Evil

Goth Dr. Evil

Funny Goth Winona Ryder

Goth Winona Ryder

Funny Goth Aishwarya Rai

Goth Aishwarya Rai
..and she still shines through.

Funny Goth Niclole Kidman

Goth Niclole Kidman
Member reactions:
Nice composition, although I think she's paler in real life
I'd make her more pale too, but artistic work nonetheless. Congratulations on the silver.
Congrats preemiememe, nice job Oh no, Nicole became a scientologist.
Nice work pree, before I saw the results of the contest, I thought it was Rainman's work. Cheers.
Congrats preemiememe, and thanks for your comments on my Ex-Wife the real Rosie, and good bye, you just made it to # 110 on the honor roll and I'm at 109 and holding, your daily pictures are getting better each day, we have our eyes on you.

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