Goth Vladimir Putin
Goth Vladimir Putin
Goth Vladimir Putin.

Funny Random Goth Dude Caricature

Random Goth Dude Caricature
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Member reactions:
Slim and Nice, Great idea and Good job done

Funny Goth Girl Ticket Seller

Goth Girl Ticket Seller
Member reactions:
I call this a 3C chop: Clean, Clever, Coooool.
, well do we compete.. love the whole idea of this..well done and top points....
Thanks Goat, Good luck I'm sure you could make something realy great.
thanks hidden..i tried....still love this, well done on this again..awesome chop....
congratulations madnessxd, this was by far the best and most original entry. Glad to see it win.
Congrats on the gold madnessxd, great chop.

Funny Leonardo's Goth Mona Lisa

Leonardo's Goth Mona Lisa
Member reactions:
nice one hits, vodka's always been an inspiration to me, heheh. Great composition, it should've scored higher.
Thanks all. Yeah, I was fairly dissappointed, Funkwood. But I ran the risk of lower scores entering so early. People think it's a quickie. There may be a group mindset that the great chops are entered later because they take more time. Actually, I put a bunch of hours into it. I just did an all nighter and entered early to clear the way for a few others on the fire. Oh well

Funny Goth Penelope Cruz

Goth Penelope Cruz

Funny Goth Penelope Cruz

Goth Penelope Cruz

Funny Amy Lee Goth Doll

Amy Lee Goth Doll

Funny Hillary Clinton Goes Goth

Hillary Clinton Goes Goth
Member reactions:
. Nice work. This is easily the best Freak Show I have seen since I've found the site. This may be a winner.
Simply . one of the most interesting chops on this site. There is something deeply disturbing in the disfiguring lines. Dang dude, good one.

Funny Naomi Watts with Goth Makeup

Naomi Watts with Goth Makeup
Member reactions:
Great, but I think the entry would look even better in colors

Funny Goth Naomi Watts

Goth Naomi Watts
Member reactions:
some kind of line around the bottom of her thighs.
thanks pegleg, i didn't notice that before
I always miss something and need fresh eyes. Can stare at your own project all night and not catch screw ups, but someone else may see them right away.
Superbly done. Love the lizard Her eyes resemble those of Cameron Diaz now

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