Storm'n Mighty Joe Gorilla
Storm'n Mighty Joe Gorilla
Storm'n Mighty Joe Gorilla. I think Joe is upset that there is no water for his boat.
Member reactions:
I think this was the guy who took out my gallbladder out. Mean looking.
, Hobbit. Nope it wasn't this guy. Joe is a Dentist.
Yes he looks angry, and his tormentor is going to have to be very quick Love it.
Awesome chop... nice skills shown here.. Gorilla looks dull by seeing the tiny crow Like the dark theme
Thanks very much, UncleChamp. Thank you Rajeshstar. ... Gummy.
I was referring to the gorilla, the Dr. I had his face look like that.
Thanks Joan, Hobbit90, and Swashbuckle. I know Hobbit, I was just being silly.
Hobbit. I am on my A55, this is superb
Has soooo much charm hahahaahh I love it. Congrats on the cup
Thanks Doc.... It has a hint of funny to it...maybe some of your humor is rubbing off on me. Thanks, Gumster Thank you Hit-man. Sup DD. Thanks Very Much. Thank you very much, Bob.
Congrats SplatShot.. A marvelous chop, with personality plus..
I love your work SplatShot,another awesome entry.congrats on the bronze my friend😄
Thanks UncleC. The sky is upside down... Thank you very much, Andwhat.
Congrats, SplatShot. I hope the bird will not get hurt.
Congrats on the bronze, Splat. Done in the best traditions of Dark comedy, hahaha.
Thanks Hobbit, Wanderer, Newsy, and Lucido. I think the baby bird will be okay Andrew. I picture the gorilla as just a grumpy friend.

Funny gorilla king

gorilla king
Member reactions:
Excellent work with the source pic... great finish and vibrant look given well done
Cool color effect and amazing idea with the SuperMan I guess Bruce there
That horror look on gorilla's face is impressive. Not sure what Bruce Willis toy is doing here though.
Probably another GOLD. I do think the road should continue behind trike. If not it looks like a highway that dead ends. Also, the rope isn't secured to the trike. It just ends. Just my 2p. : --> (I noticed MOD deleted your response--I hope my critique didn't offend.)
That's one crazy monkey, darn good chop, congrats on the win.

Funny Leonardo da Vinci `Lady with a baby gorilla`

Leonardo da Vinci `Lady with a baby gorilla`
Member reactions:
ha ha ha Rolling on the floor with laughter
Two things. Ermine has become jealous and.... whre has gone her left arm.
Baby is not quite and moving from second supporting hand down.
17th century version of Jane Goodall Congrats on the wood.

Funny Gorilla Man

Gorilla Man
He wants to be Santa Claus.
Member reactions:
If he told me he was Santa, I would say "Yes Sir, I believe you are."
Hahahaha just might go viral. I love when chops work out this weird

Funny Pouting Gorilla Looking at Out of Reach Grapes

Pouting Gorilla Looking at Out of Reach Grapes
Ever have one of those days when what you want seems just out of reach.
Member reactions:
Everyday. Can't touch that. Great Idea Hidden
He is thinking something different about this place
A great motivations or demotivational poster may be made with this chop.
Nice Work Gumster. He Dreams of Fay Wray. And of course those apples.
A really excellent chop that tells an entire story in its beautiful simplicity

Funny John Cleese and His Gorilla Lover

John Cleese and His Gorilla Lover
Member reactions:
Amazing situation that could hurt also in other ways

Funny Jay Leno Riding a Motorbike with a Gorilla

Jay Leno Riding a Motorbike with a Gorilla

Funny Warrior On a Gorilla Horse Hybrid

Warrior On a Gorilla Horse Hybrid
Member reactions:
GreatVery well executed.. Looks Real Warrior
Xaos54 congrats he is quite the adversary ... :o
Congrats on the silver, Mr. Chaos. This chop makes me wanna play some RPG games again.
Thanks Newsy, Geriatric, JimShorts, balodiya, Kellie, Preee, and an extra big hug to the member who voted a 5 FIVE..
Nice looking chop, Xaos. Congrats on the silver.
Congrats, i enjoy it much and i like the progressive blured backgound .
Thank you very much Ariatien and Splatshot. Thanks for POTD Newsy.
You are very welcome, Chaos This is a great piece.

Funny Gorilla with Horse Legs

Gorilla with Horse Legs
Member reactions:
, this is definitely something you don't see every day.
Sorry... I have to disagree with Lucianomorelli it's a good idea, but I can clearly see the line where you joined the beasts. Needs a lot of blending in my humble opinion.
Sweet, awwwwwww. Touching until she drags the baby around by the foot Nice job Pree
Ah....Cute but they grow up meaner than Hell. As evidenced by Xaos54's picture.

Funny Gorilla Snail Hybrid

Gorilla Snail Hybrid
Escaped from the laboratory.
Member reactions:
Well blended - scary creature, but great chop.
Genius imagination and design, Hidreley.. A definite Winner IMO..
This is so deliciously creepy. Well done.

Funny Swinging Gorilla

Swinging Gorilla
This Friday we continue our freaking experiment with provided source images. Gorillas are the largest primates by physical size. They are ground-dwelling and live mostly in the South African forests and eat ground plants and tree leafs. Thanks to their long arms gorillas can swing on tree branches and move from tree to tree at speeds of about 5 miles an hour. They use trees not only as a source of food, but also to hide from the ground predators. The gorilla's DNA is 95% the same as human's. Photoshop this photo of a baby swinging gorilla any way you wish.

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