gorilla king
gorilla king
gorilla king. . Member reactions:
Excellent work with the source pic... great finish and vibrant look given well done
thanks you , friend
Cool color effect and amazing idea with the SuperMan I guess Bruce there
That horror look on gorilla's face is impressive. Not sure what Bruce Willis toy is doing here though.
Probably another GOLD. I do think the road should continue behind trike. If not it looks like a highway that dead ends. Also, the rope isn't secured to the trike. It just ends. Just my 2p. : -->(I noticed MOD deleted your response--I hope my critique didn't offend.)
Pcrdds and msgbob , thanks you very much , friends
thank you very much, master
That's one crazy monkey, darn good chop, congrats on the win.
thank you very much, preemiememe,hobbit90 and geriatric
thanks you very much

Funny Leonardo da Vinci `Lady with a baby gorilla`

Leonardo da Vinci `Lady with a baby gorilla`
. Member reactions:
ha ha ha Rolling on the floor with laughter
Two things. Ermine has become jealous and.... whre has gone her left arm.
Baby is not quite and moving from second supporting hand down.
Congrats on the wood .
17th century version of Jane Goodall Congrats on the wood.

Funny Gorilla man

Gorilla man
He wants to be Santa Claus.. Member reactions:
If he told me he was Santa, I would say "Yes Sir, I believe you are."
Hahahaha just might go viral. I love when chops work out this weird

Funny Gorilla Horse

Gorilla  Horse
. Member reactions:
, this is definitely something you don't see every day.
Sorry... I have to disagree with Lucianomorelli it's a good idea, but I can clearly see the line where you joined the beasts. Needs a lot of blending in my humble opinion.
Sweet, awwwwwww. Touching until she drags the baby around by the foot Nice job Pree
Ah....Cute but they grow up meaner than Hell. As evidenced by Xaos54's picture.

Funny Gorilla's Night Out

Gorilla's Night Out
Adana Ape was concerned over her female pattern baldness ,but was reassured by Chesmu Cameleon that her high fashion 100% camelbutt woven wigs would stay affixed to her lovely ape shaped head,,. Member reactions:
Trying to check different hair styles to have a perfect night out good one like the Gorallia concept
Excellent makeover Superb Idea and very well executed
cicsaix the hair dryers wire is hanging from the ceiling the cameleon is her assistant ..
thankkss Sunshine..
Awesome job Pree.Congrats on the Gold.
Amazing photoshoppery, pree.Love how you did the mannequin monkey heads.Congrats on the gold.
Thanks everyone ty NewsMaster....

Funny GORILLA + CAMEL and his hump

GORILLA + CAMEL and his hump
. Member reactions:
Nice design of the camel head over that chimp.... lovely creature

Funny Pink Fur Gorilla

Pink Fur Gorilla
. Member reactions:
Its crisp and clear looks great with shiny pink shades

Funny Gorilla Fish

Gorilla Fish
. Member reactions:
good color mix, well merged and like the monkey fish

Funny Panda and Gorilla Playing

Panda and Gorilla Playing
Sources. Member reactions:
Love the image...but the title--not so much.
have you any proposition.
what wonder, has wonderful colors and lights, and then is so sweet .... i too like 10 + + +
Nice composition great to see the birds loving to be in company of the Ape

Funny Dennis the Menace with a Gorilla

Dennis the Menace with a Gorilla

Funny Swinging Gorilla

Swinging Gorilla
This Friday we continue our freaking experiment with provided source images. Gorillas are the largest primates by physical size. They are ground-dwelling and live mostly in the South African forests and eat ground plants and tree leafs. Thanks to their long arms gorillas can swing on tree branches and move from tree to tree at speeds of about 5 miles an hour. They use trees not only as a source of food, but also to hide from the ground predators. The gorilla's DNA is 95% the same as human's. Photoshop this photo of a baby swinging gorilla any way you wish.

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