Al Gore as the Loch Ness Monster
Al Gore as the Loch Ness Monster
Al Gore as the Loch Ness Monster. This is what Al Gore does in his spare time.
Member reactions:
very funny , but i don't like the reflection on the water of the man on the left of the pictures and the reflection of the tail on the right side of the pictures because it's surreal,it should be more realist, and it should adapt to the waves of the sea... sorry for my bad english
Very funny concept.
bobstrong...the reflections are this way because they ARE indicative of the ripples in the water.
mah, too far from reality...(it's only my opinion)
bobstrong. Everyone is entitled to his/her own opinion. Just so you'll know, all three reflections have the exact same jiggle strength applied to them.
hey i'm joke, under your entry is written "Please critique my entry." and i I expressed my opinion........ sorry for my bad english
bobstrong: And I'm defending my work.
I agree with BS re the ripples, for some reason they just don't look right, looks like a paint filter maybe...check out Rainmans water stuff, he has it down pat. Good job on the win Paul, funny as all s%*t entry
Thanks, Kellie. It's a "jiggle" filter and they look fine to me.
Congratulations. I could care less about the jiggle factor except with the female anatomy.

Funny Cruise Florida With Al Gore

Cruise Florida With Al Gore
Member reactions:
Global Gore Warming. Do they give freaking discounts. Nice
Thanks, Newsy. Yes, discounts are given on a "first come, first freaked" basis.
I could live with Global cooling if I got to see Gore like that.
Congrats dds. Gonna need a bigger trophy room.
Thanks, dd. I'm having a trophy room built on my Yacht.

Funny Al Gore in a Frozen Hot Tub

Al Gore in a Frozen Hot Tub
Ooh that tickles.
Member reactions:
. The doggie has an FN tag - must be one of our members. Who could it be. continue to crack me up.

Funny Al Gore's Head Pulled Apart

Al Gore's Head Pulled Apart
Portland Police Reopen Al Gore ... Abuse Allegations
Member reactions:
Good job showing Al Gore falling to pieces They really need to open him up to see what's inside
Congrats on the bronze Funkwood, suoer clean cop.
Rawks, Funkster.. Mr. Potatoe Gore hahahahahaha
Congratulations. Always entertaining-always Artful.
Hey Funk, I'm honored to share the podium with you and #1. I thought it was over when I saw this one. I could use a couple of those USB fingers for my guitar playing Congrats.
Congrats Funkster, great stuff Looks like something Japan made for lonely widowers, .
Thanks all. Keeper, I thought the same thing when I saw your #1 entry and I was right, heheh.
great work funkwood awesome work and great blend , congrats on the bronze
Bronze congrats, funk. Brand work from a master here.

Funny Polar Bear with Al Gore Head

Polar Bear with Al Gore Head
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Member reactions:
I feel sorry for the polar bear to have to chew on that face.
I am amazed you pulled off such a fantastic chop with that crappy bear source. I used that once and didn't come close to recovering the quality you did.. I tip my hat.
you people make it so hard to judge. fantastic chop.... this is why I don't enter the freak show
Thank you, oh great one for these fantastic chops or should I say works of Art. Congrads on the threefer. As the straw man said, If I only had a Brain.
Cool FX in this one... My fave out of the 3.
hahahahahaaha, congrats on a well deserved clean sweep.
Thanks all, alternative titles
My California "Save-the-Polar Bears" friend got this one attached to an e-mail. Congrats on your multitude of Winning images.

Funny Al Gore with a Zipped Mouth

Al Gore with a Zipped Mouth
Question: How can you tell when Al Gore is lying. Answer: His mouth is open. From inventing the internet to being wrong on gobal warming, everytime he opens his mouth he puts his foot in it. So Al........STFU.... Poor Al Gore: g Global Warming Debunked
Member reactions:
Hey. If we want any lip from you we'll scrape it off Al's zipper
The whole global warming thing is created to keep Al "failed for President" Gore touring the world and earn money with his lecturing.
He's better shut up about his private jet flying to give all these global warming lectures...

Funny Obama and Gore at Global Warming Summit

Obama and Gore at Global Warming Summit
Obama and Gore Attend Global Warming Summit

Funny Al Gore Nostradamus Prophecy

Al Gore Nostradamus Prophecy
Member reactions:
Clever idea using good ole Al as Nostradamus - he's wannabe Nostradamus anyhow, except that all his predictions are based on the "fixed" data
Congrats on the bronze great work , keep up top works

Funny The Taj Mahal and Al Gore

The Taj Mahal and Al Gore
Member reactions:
You better, johnny..
Swimming Al Gore says: "Gimme a J, gimme an E, gimme an R, gimme an E." Jere Jere Jere. Global comeback this global warming season. Woo Hoo. Congrats on the bronze.
Neat work here as well congrats on bronze.
Jere Jere Jere really amazing stuff I was about 80% thats was your style Big Congrats and Big welcome Back friend , keeeeep up fantastic works
As gross as Gore is, that water looks very pleasant.

Funny Al Gore and his Global Warming Theory

Al Gore and his Global Warming Theory
Member reactions:
Nice work HoH. You've sure been surprising me a lot lately. In a good way. CONGRATS... The face is done just right, and fits in perfectly.
Thanks Voters humbled to be here with the big boys.
Silver icy shining trophy for HoHouse, congrats mate.
thats cool hohouse Big COngrats on the silver and keep up fantastic works

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