Puss Goose in Boots
Puss Goose in Boots
Puss Goose in Boots.

Funny Flying Goose Wearing a Sweater in Winter

Flying Goose Wearing a Sweater in Winter
Canadian Geese know how to dress when it gets cold.

Funny The Golden Goose Digital Art

The Golden Goose Digital Art
a photoshop version of the Goldeb Goose

Funny The Goose with the Longest Neck

The Goose with the Longest Neck
Credits to queenphotoshop.deviantart.com for bg
Member reactions:
its very cool... I knew you from the mushrooms.
....thank u, u give credit to my user id at deviantart.
Sure is my pleasure, thank you too for the stock is really awesome
, first place I can't believe it. Thank you to everybody and for the fav and comments, I am honored..
Excellent work... Congradulations on the cup.
Congrats sun... what a lovely color mode ....
Congrats on your first advanced gold, Sinshine.
Hey Sunnny .. i was sure it's done by you .. I told you .. you will build more skills when you join this site . look at your work now it's totally awesome .. congrats on your first gold and you should keep going to get more golds
Congrats on the gold Sunshin3. Awesome chop
Kratos you have right this site is magic the themes for contests are great challenges and seeing others works is giving me inspiration and tips to go better in my works. Thank you so much and Xaos, Rwpike thank you too for the congrats

Funny Penguin Geese

Penguin Geese
Member reactions:
Great swap, the left one looks so stylish. )
congrats on the bronze crusader234, nice chp
Thanks. Apart from the feet, both were only liquified,showing the transmutabilty of organic forms...

Funny Polar Bear Goose

Polar Bear Goose
Do I throw the fella some ol' bread or a steak.
Member reactions:
interesting morph, perhaps more delineation on the snout would help. (left side) NM sez one can edit during voting...
would have found a white dog with a long neck and two ears. good idea.

Funny Jimi Hendrix with a Goose

Jimi Hendrix with a  Goose

Funny Military Goose Gun

Military Goose Gun
Member reactions:
Shouldn't it be pointing the other end. Lol honkin' funny.
One of the best entries in the contest. Should have placed much higher in my humble opinion.
thanks to everyone. NewsMaster, in my humble opinion..I agree with you

Funny Curious Geese

Curious Geese
Member reactions:
What Sid said, and freaking cleverly done.

Funny Sketching Geese

Sketching Geese
Member reactions:
original. Lil' bit raunchy for FN ...
It's a takeoff of a poster I saw eons ago for United Air Lines. I personally did not take offense to it because of that...Being workplace safe could be a concern I guess.
Maybe the front goose suddenly stopped the the second one bumped into it by accident.
newsy so why he look crazy here .. nice work blackhole keep going
Ha, ha -- yeah, Sure, NM, see the expression on the 'bumper's' face. Indeed. (no me not offended - is funny cartoon ... shoulda seen what I did to Mickey& Minnie years ago .. well maybe NOT.)

Funny Goose

Photoshop this goose image (click to download) any way you wish. Some examples are: merging the goose with some other animals or objects, making people or animals ride the goose, giving this goose a paint-job, putting the geese into some unusual environment, using the geese image in advertisements, movies, paintings, etc. These are just some ideas. You have 3 days to submit your entry. Submitting it early will give you plenty of time to read the critique comments and edit your image accordingly. Many thanks to Son Tran and Stock Exchange for providing the source image.

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