She's One Goofy Human, Look At Those Eyes
She's One Goofy Human, Look At Those Eyes
She's One Goofy Human, Look At Those Eyes. Member reactions:
Congrats on the Woody 2fer, Hobbit. Great work with the monkey eyes.
Woody Congrats, Hobbit. Awesome work and eye swapping on the two monkeys.
ReggieRey and SplatShot, my husband said I shouldn't use a monkey for her eyes, he said it was a insult for the monkey.
Hahaha HE's right,and the monkey would do a better job in congress.

Funny Donald Duck and Goofy Movie

Donald Duck and Goofy Movie
Member reactions:
Hilarious. Please put asterisks in the title of the entry as well as in the poster title (BULLSH*T)
Great one but, it would have been better if you changed the actors names.

Funny Goofy as Spiderman

Goofy as Spiderman

Funny Disney Dollar Goofy Dog Money

Disney Dollar Goofy Dog Money
Member reactions:
Maybe they should do a Disney dollar contest with human faces.

Funny Goofy Search Engine

Goofy Search Engine
You never know what you're gonna get when you search with Goofy. Please look in full view so you can read without the compression.
Member reactions:
I think he'd be a rather inaffective search engine .. always misleading you. Nice one though. The only thing is that the web address still says google.. you may want to fix that to say
Ack. I saw that immediately when I uploaded it and ran to fix that and the "Goofy Bar". You were just too fast for me bmr102. Ha. Thanks for your comment.
Fantastic idea, colorful on so many levels.

Funny Pimp Goofy

Pimp Goofy
Goofy goes pimpin' Bout time he got a good job that keeps his pimp hand strong.

Funny Astronaut Goofy

Astronaut Goofy
Member reactions:
Goofy fits well in this space suite well done

Funny Goofy Cowboy

Goofy Cowboy
Member reactions:
Goofy's outline is sharper than the horse.

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