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Walmart Goofs On Prices Funny Walmart Goofs On Prices
Member reactions:
Walmart won't honor absurdly low prices listed on its website
Walmart won't honor something it said. And they use to be such a good company too. They learned that from our White House Occupier.
Half brother of Obama is trying to show what he brother trying to steal the show.... love the kid with currency intention to buy that TV
Made me laugh. Obama has been trying to sell lots of things to Americans for years
...and the wood - triple congrats, Paulster.
Thanks, everyone. You've got that right, Newsy.

Game Of Thrones GoofFunny Game Of Thrones Goof
Member reactions:

HBO apologizes for ACCIDENTALLY using a severed head of George Bush in its mini-series, "Game Of Thrones."
Yea the Game of Thorns is a dangerous game used George's head see how that dog also carries the head well chopped the head in different looks like it
Thanks, Disasterman...thanks, preemiememe...thanks, eric...thanks, rajeshstar.
Bizarre yet enchanting at same time, super job.
Thanks, UncleChamp. Sorry you got spooked, Newsy.
ANOTHER funny entry. Is this the first blood-thirsty chop you have done.
Thanks, know, I'm not sure if it's the first one.

George Bush and Dick Cheney in Goof Club MovieFunny George Bush and Dick Cheney in Goof Club Movie
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While the Pope is off duty, Satan goofedFunny While the Pope is off duty, Satan goofed
Member reactions:

While the Pope is off duty, Satan goofed. Sinkhole 'Very Unstable,' Lost Man's Body Can't Be Recovered, Authorities Say

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